An on-going review for Google Stadia

Before you buy Google Stadia, read this review first to help you decide whether to get on the hype train or wait for a while when things go stable.

Here’s an honest review of Google Stadia.

Google Stadia is what we expected

Google Stadia is the promise of the future. But like we expect, the future of the gaming platform is met with gaming issues due to connectivity problems. The inconsistency when playing Stadia on the go is crappy if you have an unstable but fast internet speed connection.

Controller Issues

Google Stadia’s console controller is great (XBOX style ergonomic architecture) but there are still features not available yet. The controller feels like it’s on its early stage instead of the promised actual release. There’s a Google Assistant that doesn’t work (for now) and a Screenshot button that is unreliable, meaning, it doesn’t work as much you expect it to be. You will be met with controller synching issues at times as well.

Google Stadia is not a “Play Anywhere” platform yet

If you have slight latency issues, please expect that the game won’t play 60 fps on your end even though you have an average of 30 Mb/s of internet speed. But don’t lose hope, maybe Google is still optimizing their servers.

You still have to buy games

Most of us were led to believe that you can play the latest games when subscribed to the Google Stadia platform. Turns out, the monthly subscription only works on renting the Stadia services, you still have to buy games in their library for almost a full price in other gaming platforms. So yeah, there’s a disappointing game library for Google Stadia.

Not recommended for competitive gaming

If you like fast-paced competitive gaming on Google Stadia, this platform is not for you. An almost perfect internet connection with consistent FPS is key to winning competitive games, but the service is not ready for that yet. However, if you like story-driven single-player experience, Stadia can actually play it for the most part.


Google Stadia is full of promise. This is indeed the game of the future. But there are still glitches and server issues you have to encounter which is very hard to recommend at this stage. If you don’t want to get annoyed with blinking characters due to latency issues, don’t get your hands on Google Stadia yet. Google is a giant tech company, so I’m sure that this platform gets fixed soon. Though it is on its launch date, the platform feels like an early beta release. To those who have connections below 10 Mb/s, never get your hands on this yet. Even those who have the above minimum internet speed requirement receive issues when playing games.

To buy and download the Stadia platform, click here.

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