Battle Realms met with Mixed Reviews on Steam

Battle Realms + Winter of the Wolf is a classic RTS game currently being revived and now on steam is met with Mixed Reviews upon its Early Access release.

Battle Realms is back

This massively hit classic game is now revived and purchasable on Steam for $9.99, not that expensive but the game is met with mixed reviews by long-time fans waiting for the game to be furnished.

Battle Realms Early Access issues

Taking these Battle Realms issues to the public will help the game developer work hard to get this game to fruition. We all want our favorite childhood game to be successful in its reborn.

Multiplayer doesn’t work properly

Early Access players complain about multiplayer not working properly. Before Battle Realms can only be played smoothly via LAN but even local games are met with connection issues. This needs to get fixed immediately as multiplayer is how BR game will sell.

Buggy Resolution

It’s understandable that the game will have screen issues since the resolution before is different from now. Players are demanding a 16:9 resolution to be supported for the game. This will be a real challenge for developers. However, other classic games like the Age of Empires became successful with having no full resolution. The devs should look into that as well. Changing resolution also affects the minimap which is a huge pain for the players.

Stuttering issues

Playing Battle Realms on CD had no stuttering issues like what the Steam version has on modern PC.

Buggy Shadows

Some players may experience ugly shadow rendering while in the game which is not hard to notice and is painful to see.

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We all love Battle Realms and we want to be among the successful classic game revives out there. Reviews will definitely help this game to become what it was in the old age. More updates will be posted here in the coming days as the game progresses. I recommend everyone who loves the BR game to buy it so the devs will get the support they need. Besides, it’s still on Early Access review, there’s still more room for improvement.

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