Valve’s Dota Underlords is Here!

Dota Underlords, Valve’s own Auto Chess game, is now ready to download for those who have The International 9 (TI9) Battle Pass. The game is scheduled for open beta next week.

Dota Underlords hinted

There have been many speculations about Valve’s version of Auto Chess, a famous mod at Dota Arcade developed by Drodo Studios, due to Valve’s purchase of the domain last month.

Valve has been open to fans that it will be making its standalone version of the Auto Chess game. Riot Games is also riding the bus on the great mod by creating its own Auto Chess. It will be added on its League of Legends (LoL) as an extension.

How To Get Dota Underlords Into Steam Library

To download the game, just see the Underlords advertisement inside Steam Dota and click ‘Claim this Game’. Note that this is only available to Battle Pass holders for The International 9. It will be automatically added to your library and will be playable once you exit Dota.

Valve on the test phase

Dota underlords UI preview
Dota Underlords UI Preview

The ‘Family and Friends’ feature for Dota Underlords is showcased by streamers and content creators alike. The testing phase for Battle Pass owners is a way to add Royalty Contents for TI9 pass. Fans who want to skip Battle Pass will be able to play on its open beta phase next week.

Dota fans should expect a bit server problem on its beta launch. Returning players who want to experience the game firsthand will be flooding the servers.

To those who don’t want to access Steam, Dota Underlords is a cross-platform game available in the future for Android and iOS users.

The War On Auto Chess begins

Some Valve fans hope that Valve won’t disappoint them this time. Valve’s other game called Artifact is met with critical reviews making fans skeptic about its own Auto Chess. Valve will be competing against other developers starting the War On Auto Chess.

  • Riot Games is already courting the game’s mechanics for their own.
  • Drodo Studios’ Auto Chess mobile is already playable for weeks now on Android and iOS.

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Drodo Studios is also on the path of creating the PC version of the game. The reservations for beta testing on PC is on their developer partner page.

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