Introducing PUBG Survivor’s Guide

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) has launched its Survivor’s Guide today which gives new and established players a thorough guide on the basics of the game.

Introducing the Survivor’s Guide

According to PUBG Corp:

The PUBG Survivor’s Guide will walk you through the foundations of the game to get you better acquainted with Battle Royal and PUBG’s unique survival experience.

PUBG Survivor’s Guide is their website feature to guide new and veteran players to a more detailed experience to the game. It has features which include gameplay, weapon, map and control sections for players to explore.


  • The Gameplay section has a series of videos so players get to know the fundamentals of the game and more will be coming soon. The Play Menu currently includes a video explaining what a Battle Royale is.
PUBG Survivor's Guide Play Menu
PUBG Survivor’s Guide Play Menu
  • The weapon section consists of different weapon types (AR, DMR, Pistols, etc.) that showcases basic weapon information such as magazine size and ammo types. More detailed information will be released later on to show bullet drop graphs and weapon damage comparison.
PUBG Survivor's Guide Weapons
The weapons section is filled with weapon information, but a more detailed weapon data will be added soon.
  • The Map Section shows different established PUBG maps like Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok. Once you select a map, more details about hotspots and famous zones within each map are also shown.
PUBG Survivor's Guide Map
The Map section shows hotspots within the map
  • Players are also taken into detailed layouts of control mechanics and keyboard setup which guides players on the keymapping.
PUBG Survivor's Guide Control
Control Menu helps players guide through the default control mapping.

PUBG Corp is now seasoning its website to give subscribers a premium experience. The guide gives the impression that they are showcasing their gameplay to those who have not purchased the game yet. It will definitely give new players who have no concrete information about the basics of the game an edge.

The survivor’s guide is currently available in both English and Korean translations. More language default will be added soon as PUBG Corp promised. Click here to go to the official website.

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