NBA 2K20 Is The Most Hated Game This Fall

NBA 2K20 was the most awaited game release this fall, but the game was met with furious fans who want developers fired for creating a trash game.

NBA2K20 was released on September 6, 2019, on all gaming platforms including Android and iOS. Visit their official website here.

NBA 2K20 Straightforward Review

Without further ado, why is the NBA 2K20 the most hated game this fall? Let’s get this honest review going.

Bugs and Crashes

Well, there’s nothing that pisses players off on an expensive game like bugs and crashes. Players claim the game being too unplayable with crashes happening online and the game froze which can’t be closed. Some even called it the broken version of NBA 2K19.

Pay-to-Win (P2W) System

The Pay-To-Win (P2W) system has invaded the NBA game franchise at last. With microtransactions that tempt you to buy something in order to be better.

Same Issues That The Last Editions Had

Those who hated the Archetype system of the last edition will be disappointed, it is still there. The game developers tried to polish the system but it even failed better.

Melo Clones are Awful

A watered-down version that either doesn’t know how to finish at the rim, shoot 3’s, post up or have a ball-handling stat that will enable you to go by terrible defenders. Chose 2, and forget all about defence. If you want to make a Terrence Ross, you’ll have to pick between Dunks, 3pt and finishing at the rim. You can’t have all 3.

Bad Double Teaming

In the game, you’ll get a minus point for leaving your assignment. Doesn’t matter if you get a steal and win the game because of it. You left a person open, so the game will fault you for it.

Broken and Illogical Stats

If your player has less than 70 in block rating, it will jump away from the ball. People call this illogical since even people in real life can handle ball-blocking and this made fans furious even more.

Here are issues with stats so far, to players, they have found out that stats don’t matter:

  • Opponents can even outrun your player with a highly reasonable move speed
  • You can’t pass to save
  • High stats players assigned to roles suck at their roles (i.e, you can’t shoot with a 3-level scorer with 95 mid-range and 95 three-point)

NBA 2K20 is a Trash Game

Let’s admit, NBA 2K20 deserves to be put in the garbage bin. The things players hated in the last edition, the 2K19, is not being heard. Many fan outcries were left to deaf ears as issues in the past remained in the present one. You are also forced to watch cutscenes when people wanted to skip them after watching them multiple times.

Are you still buying the latest NBA game edition? Well, good luck!

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  • January 22, 2020 at 1:04 pm

    I agree . The devs must of been smoking crack cocaine when making this game.


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