Google Stadia Connect – Pricing, Game Reveals, and Launch Info

Google Stadia Connect will be here this year. The tech giant has revealed about its gaming platform to the people this week. See the revelations on the pricing, game reveals, launch info, and more!

The much awaited Google Stadia has been revealed. There were many speculations regarding the platform, but many are optimistic that it will be a huge success. Besides, it’s from Google, what can you expect?

Google Stadia Connect – Pricing

This game-changing idea is seen as a revolution to modern gaming while others remain skeptical about it due to its always connect feature that would be heartbreaking for gamers with disappointing internet connection. However, people will not be in awe when it comes to its pricing. During its video announcement (watch here), Stadia is a monthly/yearly subscription gaming service, eliminating the barriers between consoles and PCs that have been a challenge to many developers and gaming companies alike.

Stadia Price Reveal

Stadia controller can be purchased for $69. You don’t need consoles in order to play Google’s gaming platform, the controllers come in three colors: White, Blue, and Wasabi. During Stadia’s livestream, they have showcased that even with low internet connection, you can still play games at 720p 60 frames per second.

Stadia Pro

Stadia also has a premium membership scheme, called the Stadia Pro which cost $9.99 a month.

Stadia Founder’s Edition

What fans are excited about is Stadia Founder’s Edition which can be pre-ordered starting today here for $129. The Founder’s Edition comes with a 4K HDR and 5.1 Surround sound gaming experience, Chromecast Ultra for the biggest screen in your room, Exclusive and limited edition Night Blue Stadia controller, and a Stadia Pro for 3 months for you and a friend.

You are also eligible for the complete Destiny 2 experience and can transfer your Destiny 2 data from your current gaming service providers such as consoles and PCs.

Ohhh, Game Reveals!

Right, without further ado, the game reveals! During its GDC 2019 announcement, Stadia will more likely reveal Triple A games as can be seen it has used Assassin’s Creed: Origins game as an example. The gaming service has hardware and specs that is advanced to the current generation of consoles so it will very much include upcoming games that will also come to next-generations of PS4, which is the PS5, and XBOX 2.

After the Stadia reveal, these are the games being featured so far that has worked with Stadia’s next-generation of gaming platform, namely Larian Studios’ Baldur’s Gate 3, Tom Clansy’s Ghost Recon: BreakPoint, Gylt, and Division 2.

Stadia Launch Info

Stadia has announced its big reveal and it will arrive before the year ends in 2019. This will be a huge showdown since Sony and Microsoft are about to do the same on their next gen consoles probably this year.

Watch the video for more info about Stadia:

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