Gods Synergy is Coming to Auto Chess Mobile

Gods Synergy is coming to Auto Chess mobile, according to its Official Facebook page. Who are the main characters for this Synergy?

Gods Synergy in Auto Chess Mobile

Fans have been waiting for Godlike chess pieces in the game to add more flavor to intense round-based strategy battle. The idea behind the Gods Synergy is to amplify and improve skill-based pieces. But what’s the Synergy Buff?

Gods Synergy Buff

According to the developers:

Gods Synergy reduces all ally pieces’ skill cooldown by half if no any other Race Synergies are triggered. To balance this powerful synergy, it has become the first synergy that’s in conflict with synergies of other races. With the help of Gods, pieces with no protection and low winning chance will have the chance to turn it around.

Auto Chess Developer Mobile notes

It could be that the Gods Synergy will not take into effect if there’s a current Race synergy active in the player’s chessboard. What’s clear is that this Synergy can be combined with Class pieces including Mages which will need the cooldown-reducing buff.

Gods Synergy Heroes

There are two heroes that will be released for the Gods Synergy:

God of War: Mars

The Ancient Roman God will be coming to the game but is already predicted by Dota Auto Chess fans.

Mars Skill: Shield Crash!

  • Reduces front and side physical damage, deals physical damage to enemies within three grids ahead per second.

Mars will be a support/tank piece that does less physical damage but has a frontal Area of Effect (AoE) skill that deals damage to foes.

King of the Greek Gods: Zeus

A mythological counterpart of Mars will be Zeus. A featured hero in Dota 2, it is already known that he will be among the first lineup in the Gods Synergy.

Zeus’ Skill: Apocalypse

  • Summons lightning to attack at least one enemy piece and has 50 chance of dealing Magical damage equals to the target piece’s remaining HP to it.

Zeus will be a great addition to the magical burst lineup. His skill is based on the Dota version but will only be triggered by chance. Zeus will most likely be a Legendary piece due to its cost, 5 golds.


Mages will be the next update’s biggest winners. I find the Class very powerful even on the present patch but is most likely hard to build due to its rarity. Auto Chess mobile developers made sure that they will be given new spotlight as an addition to existing synergy combos out there.

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