Dota 2 Auto Chess Mobile Version is Ready To Play!

Drodo, in partnership with Dragonest Co.Ltd, is able to create an independent game from the currently famous Dota 2 Arcade game he developed, Auto Chess Mobile! It is ready to play and downloadable on Google Play Store and iOS App store!

Dota 2 Auto Chess Mobile Version is Ready To Play!

Auto Chess Mobile game is a strategy game about collecting and changing hero cards in a chessboard-like map. You get the hero cards randomly at your hand which you can place at your deck for future use and upgrades. This game uses a currency that stacks up every round for you to able to purchase a new hero shuffled at your hand or a duplicate to upgrade your current hero.

This is based on the famous arcade game on Dota 2 created by Drodo himself. He decided to adapt it into a mobile game since Valve is now planning to create their steam version of the game in the future. Since the game is modded on Steam’s Dota 2 game and due to its massive user statistics, it is not surprising that Valve is developing their own.

Still on its early beta release, Auto Chess Mobile game is currently on the ladder at Google Play Store. It has attracted lots of streamers which claim that this game will be a huge success. I have no doubt about it since Auto Chess is very fun and is not a pay to win game like most existing today. There are still in-game purchases but are more about cosmetics than giving a player an advantage over others.

This game is widely accepted due to its challenges that require intensive long-game thinking in order to be the God of Auto Chess. Prepare for an almost 1 hour of game play and win against random player opponents and AI monsters. A player will start with a 100% health that is damaged until it gets to zero by remaining opponent hero pieces every round. The winner will be the last man standing.

Auto Chess mobile is a unique strategy-based survival game based on real-life Chess. Also a complex game, it uses synergies that are unique so players can have lots of hero combinations to choose from. While it is still early, play it now so you can have an advantage over new and veteran players!

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