Power up faster in Rise of Kingdoms

To Power up faster in the Rise of Kingdoms (formerly Rise of Civilizations) game requires skills, time, and what to prioritize. Upgrading all buildings is not that necessary since most of the city buildings give low power when improving. So here is a guide on how to power up faster and better than other Governors in the Kingdom.

Power Up Faster in Rise of Kingdoms

These are the basic tips on how to power up faster in Rise of Kingdoms, doable even without spending a dime. The more you play, the further understanding you will earn. This guide is among the things you can do to obtain a powerful City even in just a week!

Upgrade the City Hall

City Hall in Rise of Kingdoms
City Hall is the center of everything

City Hall is the most important building in the game because other buildings that give lots of power can only be upgraded to what level your City Hall is. It may require lots of time and resources, but here’s a tip, make sure to farm them and save all those speedups to upgrade the City Hall.

Research at the Academy

Research Academy in Rise of Kingdoms
Academy gives powerful research boost

Researching at the Academy is another addition to the equation. Make sure the Academy is not idle so you will not be wasting time and opportunity to increase your Governor Power. The one that gives most power is the military research in the Academy. Economic Technology can come in second.

Train more troops

Barracks troop training
Train troops at the Barracks with no limits for Troop Power

Troop power is part of your governor’s power. If you lose troops, your power will also decrease. But it shouldn’t be the reason for you to evade wars since it is inevitable, just make sure you have trained lots of troops and don’t let the barracks go idle so you could always have an extra in wars to come. It’s like the real-life war, the more army reserves, the better!

Upgrade all Goldmine to max

Goldmine is the only resource building that gives more power than the rest. Make sure all of your Goldmines are at level with your city hall. You can only set one max building to other resource buildings like Crop field, Lumber Mill, and Quarry since they are required to upgrade pre-requisites of your City Hall.

Max out Hospitals

Hospital in Rise of Kingdoms
The hospital treats the wounded

Hospitals in Rise of Kingdoms are not just for the healing of troops but also give lots of power to your City as part of the Building Power Equation. Always keep in mind to have all four of your hospitals maxed out with your City Hall for additional power. The higher the Hospital levels are, the lesser you lose troops in Wars. If the wounded troops exceed the Hospital Capacity, troops will die and decrease your Troop Power.

Open Daily Tavern

Tavern in Rise of Kingdoms
Tavern gives hero sculptures

The Tavern is where you can obtain resources or commander sculptures to level up your commanders from Silver and Golden Chests. Make sure not to skip them daily as they give out amazing rewards randomly, especially the Golden Chest.

Do Daily Expedition

Expedition in Rise of Kingdoms
Daily Expedition

Expedition can reward you with amazing resources the higher level you finished every 24 hours which is essential to boost your power. It gives you medals daily which can be exchanged for hero sculptures.

Gather Resources

Gathering resources is key for upgrading or building your city faster. In the game, it is fairly easy to mine resources around the map. Just bring out mining-beneficial commanders with Siege Weapons to be able to carry more resources. There are lots of resource mines on the map that you can gather for 50 minutes and get 100K+ resources you selected.

Medal Store Tavern
Medal Store for buying Commander sculptures gathered from Daily Expedition

Save your gems until VIP 6

This is one of the crucial stuff to remember in the game. The gems you can obtain from quests and other events are useful to increase your VIP level even without spending a dollar. The reason why it is important to save those red gems in the game until VIP level 6 is to unlock the second builder queue permanently! So save them up and reap the benefits too!

Use the speedups well

Speedups help you build things faster. Only use your building speedups on the City Hall and its requirements and you are good to go. High-powered cities in every Kingdom save speedups religiously, you shouldn’t wait that long to upgrade your City Hall. War is coming, and you should act with haste.

Find the right Alliance to join

Choosing the best Alliance is also key to this game. Your Alliance can help you build faster and can offer lifetime protection against random enemy attacks. The war in this game is costly and will require lots of time and resources, so not being attacked is important so you could just focus on increasing your power.

Power up your Commander

Commander Power is also part of the Equation, so always level it up and find sculptures for them to upgrade. Make sure to focus on two commanders to be your Main Commander and Second Commander, but the main one should have a higher level than the second one to provide more troops capacity. The more capacity, the stronger the commander will be.

Once you have maxed out essential buildings, you can then focus on upgrading other buildings in the game for a more powerful boost.

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