MU Origin 2: Guides and Battle Points Strategies

MU Origin 2 Guides and Battle Points (BP) Strategies in order to power up faster than most players, even if you’re only aiming for free-to-play. If you like to spend money on this game, you’ll benefit more from this guide.


MU ORIGIN 2 is the mobile MMORPG developed by Webzen, this game was first introduced to PC in 2001 that became a massive hit. Due to more MMORPG competition, the fanbase of the game has declined as more games that offer greater graphics came to the market. But Webzen never gave up and made remastered versions of their classic game, from PC to the smartphone market. MU ORIGIN 2 is among other mobile games developed by Webzen that is taking the ladder of one of the most top-grossing games on Android and iOS.

Where and How to Level Up Faster?

Many players ask on where and how to level up faster in MU Origin 2 but it is really not that complicated. The game has a botting system wherein your character auto teleports and auto paths to its desired destination. Just follow the main quest and you are good to go.

Also, here are tips on how to level up faster:

In-game Events

Doing in-game events include:

  • EXP Dungeons
  • Blood Castle
  • Devil Square
  • Land of Trial
  • Alliance Bonfire
  • Demons Tower
  • Gathering Supplies

These events give you a ton of EXP since main and side quests do not always get you 10 levels which are needed in order to proceed to a new chapter on higher levels. Do them daily so you can reap most of the benefits.

EXP Dungeon Guide

You can do EXP Dungeon twice if you have zero VIP which can give you 2 to 3 levels once fully used. The best way to get the most out of this dungeon is to use 3x EXP scroll for more experience and do it on Global EXP Bonus event when available on a daily basis.

Blood Castle Guide

Strive to be the best in Blood Castle

The higher your rank the better rewards. To be the top Blood Castle Player, you must do the main objective and not just killing monsters throughout the whole instance.

The main objectives of Blood Castle are:

  • Participate in killing 60 monsters at the bridge on the first phase
  • Once fulfilled, the gate is ready to be attacked, go there directly as main objectives give more personal points, help destroy the Blood Castle gate
  • The gate is demolished, now you need to kill 20 Skeleton Wizards
  • The coffin is now available to be destroyed once 20 Skeleton Wizards are killed, rush there and attack it to gain more personal points

If you don’t know where to go, just kill on the left side of your screen where the quest panel is at and your character will auto path to the location instantly.

Devil Square Guide

Use 3x or 2x EXP buff for this event and it is recommended to go with parties to get more EXP Bonus (+40%). You can select Auto Match on the left side of the screen when inside the Devil Square. It is faster to get a party once you went inside solo since players are also looking for squads while the event is still on the countdown.

You need a lot of damage to gain more personal points, Auto Battle works for this one and makes sure you get to the Bosses (3, 5, and 7) first to gain a point advantage.

Land of Trial Guide

The Land of Trial is where you can safely farm small EXP from stacked monsters without the worry of being killed by PKers (Player Killers or PVP). Get a party once you are there to get more bonus EXP.

Alliance Bonfire (Solo) Guide

Alliance Bonfire gives you both XP and Alliance Contribution which can be used to enhance some skills in the Alliance Section, further improving your BP. To get more EXP and points, you must answer the quizzes correctly (20 questions) and you’ll end up with 2 or 3 levels after the event ends. Use Google to your advantage since each question gives you 18 seconds to answer. Make sure you type fast though. But most questions are east that I end up with 18 answered correctly without using the internet for support.

Demons Tower Guide

Demons Tower is a ladder-based event wherein you get to higher tower levels as you kill monsters and bosses in each level. Do not force to finish all levels in Demons Tower as it gets stronger as you go higher. Gather enough strength, BP, and levels in order to proceed. You can raid this dungeon daily using cheap Gold to finish your best levels instantly.

Gathering Supplies Guide

You need to mine at Cobalt Carts to be able to gather 200 Cobalt Ores that gives a very large amount of EXP which can be claimed daily. If you fail to gather all 200 Ores, you need to spend pink diamonds in order to cope up with losses. Mining Cobalt is difficult as you face players who will kill you for the spot. Tarkan Gargoyles also give out Cobalt Ores on drop aside from sticking in the Mining area.

Rested EXP

I know many players advise you to keep playing the game to gain more experience thru farming mobs in zones. Since we use our phones in playing, it will be battery draining. Webzen also discourages players to play more than the recommended playing hours like most games. To combat game addiction, they implemented a rested EXP (Meditation) scheme. When a player is in the safety zone before logging out, he gets experience and items based on how long he’s logged out. You really don’t have to spend more than 8 hours playing the game to get experience.

Soul Instilling

Soul Instilling gives you decent XP which is doable twice a day for non-VIP users. All you have to do is send request for Soul Instill to an Alliance member and you’ll both be sent to Alliance Territory. Bu then, you’ll both perform the ritual and gain XP over time while the soul instill process is casting.

Battle Points (BP) Speed Leveling Guide

Battle Points (BP) is your character’s proof of strength that is why players see this as the most priority in the game. To increase your BP faster than the rest, you don’t have to spend much time on it. Just managing your time is enough.

Here are ways you can increase BP:

  • Powerful Armors and Weapons: Play Events, Hunt Bosses, Party at Kalima
  • Enhancements: Enhance your items as long as you’re able to. Do not worry about wasting gems since you can transfer upgrades once you find better equipment.
  • Fruits: You can obtain Fruits from events and bonuses. You can also craft them once you reach a higher level. Fruits increase stats permanently.
  • Wings Upgrade: Wings is one of the most important aspects of the growth of your character. It’s not just cosmetics but a show of power as well. Gather feathers and Hawk’s Flame as you go along and upgrade as soon as possible.
  • Alliance Contribution Spending: Spend your Alliance Contribution (AC) on the Alliance section to improve your overall defense, damage, and HP. Thus, increasing your BP.
  • Fame Points Spending: Go to Ironblood Path (PK) and win the games for a bountiful fame reward you can spend to increase your stats.
  • Horcrux: This is the floating item on your character’s shoulder. Use your spare equipment to level up the Horcrux. This helps you manage your Warehouse and Backpack while increasing your power.
  • Evolve: Evolving is where your character turns into another form of a powerful being. Tome of Emperors is used to evolve so loot it as you go by.
  • Sigil: This is where you spend Fame to increase your Power.
  • Title: Titles are fancy cosmetics but they increase your BP.
  • Skill Upgrade: Spend the Golds in upgrading your skills! You can always farm Gold at Zen and Greed Dungeons every day. Skill upgrading is not that expensive.
  • Crafting: Crafting is one way to increase BP since you will be able to craft gems and create fruits to enhance equipment and stats.


Many complain that this game is pay to win. However, as someone who hates spending too much on games, there are ways you can keep up. The idea is to play smart, not hard. It doesn’t hurt to purchase the one-time top up event of MU Origin 2 because it gives you perks others can’t have which helps you later in the game.

If you are filthy rich and does not follow this guide, trust me, even the non-spending players can go ahead against you.

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