Mobile Legends: Adventure – Best Heroes and Power-Leveling Guides

Mobile Legends: Adventure is not a hard game once you know which heroes are powerful enough to use and how to increase power faster than the rest.

About Mobile Legends: Adventure

Mobile Legends: Adventure is an IDLE RPG genre game by Moonton, the developer behind the massive Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) called Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Released on 31 July 2019, this game is available on both Google Play Store and App Store. The game uses heroes from the original Mobile Legends and fights off enemies in campaigns and players in the Arena.

Best Heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure

The best heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure depends on whether you are for clearing campaigns or be the top in the Tower of Babel or Arena. Yes, the PVE and PVP aspect is present in this game. In the game, they are called the Defense Team so don’t get confused.

Best heroes to use in a Campaign mode

These heroes are the best to use in Campaign mode as proven by top players in server rankings.

Here’s the list:

  • Hylos: Melee Tank, Ring of Punishment will burn anyone who dares to come near.
  • Argus: Melee Fighter, immune to death for a short time in Angel of Death Form, activated once Energy is full.
  • Alice: Ranged Mage, possesses powerful regen ability and shocking destructive power.
  • Estes: Ranged Support, can restore the teammate’s HP and increase their basic attack.
  • Gord: Ranged Mage, can greatly reduce the enemy’s Magical resistance
  • Valir: This hero was buffed during the previous patches. An ideal large AoE hero that can burn enemies to Ashes. Trust me, this guy is worth it.

Positioning Heroes in All Modes

You have to know the correct positioning for every hero so you can utilize their skills.

Here’s the list:

  • Melee Attackers, especially the tank ones should be on the two front lines.
  • Support should be alone in the middle as they can use their AoEs effectively.
  • The Ranged heroes must be placed at the two last rows as some of them have increased damage when placed on the back.

Best Heroes to use in the Arena

In PVP is a bit simple since you need heroes that are mostly invulnerable throughout the game and can blink in the back row to kill off ranged heroes.

Arena Build 1 (Using support for better survivability):

  • Hylos
  • Argus
  • Alice
  • Estes
  • Gord

Arena Build 2 (Insane invulnerable that doesn’t need a Healer):

  • Saber
  • Karina
  • Helcurt
  • Argus
  • Alice

Best Heroes to use in Tower of Babel

You need to climb the Tower of Babel faster to get Advanced Essence faster for hero upgrades. This mode also gives you tons of Diamonds and Hero fragments to collect all the heroes in the game.

The best heroes list for the Tower of Babel:

  • Hylos
  • Gatotkaca
  • X.Borg
  • Argus
  • Clint

You can actually use your own Arena build for the Tower of Babel since you’ll be facing AI heroes. But the list above is the most recommended to stay on top of the leaderboards.

Beginner’s Guide in Mobile Legends: Adventure

This essential way of life guide for Mobile Legends: Adventure gives you the optimum secret to gaining power faster. We know that you need to spend cash in order to be better, but that is just an advantage, it can still be done when doing free-to-play.

Earnings Diamonds

Diamonds are very important resources in the game. You can use diamonds to purchase in the market, buy Arena tickets, or speed up Taverns. However, it is advisable to only use Diamonds in the Wishing Shrine to avail of the 10 Times Premium Summon which costs 2,500. Only use the 10x summoning technique as it gives better rewards.

You can earn diamonds by means of:

  • Free Diamonds on the bottom left where you can watch ads
  • Achievements
  • Monthly Passes
  • Starlight Pass
  • Campaigns
  • Arena
  • Tower of Babel
  • Tavern
  • Hall of Fame
  • Doing daily and weekly quests

Collecting Fragments and Fusion Guide

If you think that a common fragment means nothing, you are wrong. Three common heroes can be fused in the Fusion Shrine to be upgraded into Elite Heroes up to the Epic Ones. Never disregard any fragments as these heroes can be Key Materials in the Fusion Shrine. Epic Heroes can be upgraded once a similar Hero is fused into it, making the Epic Hero turn in 1-star Purple. When an Epic Hero reaches the Purple star, it can be fused with any Purple star hero in the same Element.

For example:

  • A Purple Star Argus can use a Purple Star Aldous, also from the Dark Element, to improve Argus into 2-star Purple. Aldous will be consumed in the process, that is why it is essential to keep those fragments, regardless of rarity.

Leveling Tips for Heroes

An experienced player knows that you only need five heroes to level up to max. Why is that? It’s because Mobile Legends: Adventure has a feature called the Holy Sanctuary wherein the Top 5 Heroes you currently have can pass on those Level to other Heroes you put in the Sanctuary. This feature saves you resources as Heroes are very hard to Upgrade once your top 5 reaches Level 90 onwards. Make sure to put the Heroes you need as backups to your main ones on the Sanctuary as the slot is limited depending on the Campaign level you have reached. You can also spend 800 diamonds if you want to extend a Sanctuary slot.

Power Up Guide

If you see yourself stuck when it comes to increasing your team power, it is because you have stopped leveling up. Heroes have a limit on levels depending on their stars. Some mistake of other players is they don’t know how to use the Holy Sanctuary well. I also had this mistake when I started.

To avoid being stuck when it comes to increasing Power, only Level up heroes to the max when they can be easily starred up. Rare heroes, if stuck in epic 5 stars, should be put to Holy Sanctuaries. If you are able to get 6 stars and up on your favorite heroes, you can remove them from the Sanctuary and make it part of your top 5. Take in mind to save more Advanced Essence as heroes need them to level up and they get more expensive the higher the level you get.

A player must know how to use Dismantle Shrine when needed to recycle used resources on heroes you have mistakenly leveled up. Now all you need is to save more Experience potions to progress.

Collect Idle Rewards

You don’t need to play 24/7 in this game to level up heroes. The campaign mode has an Idle Rewards chest you can open. Rewards depend on how far in the campaign you have reached so far. VIP Level also increases the idle rewards bonus, so keep that in mind. The Idle Rewards chest gives you everything you need to progress. You can get a good night’s sleep and reap the rewards in the chest as going offline is also considered Idling.

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