All Glast Heim Minstrel Questions and Answers

Dark Falls, King Schmitz, and Wisdom Family are Level 80 quests in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love from the Minstrel in Glast Heim NPC named Belmond Ellen Minstrel. Here are the latest answers to all questions to complete the all Glast Heim quests from Minstrel in Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

Glast Heim Minstrel Quests

Once you reach Level 80 in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, the Minstrel in Glast Heim becomes available through Belmond Ellen Minstrel. There are three quests you need to complete the Glast Heim, namely: Dark Falls, King Schmitz, and Wisdom Family. One of the quests, namely Dark Falls, gives two unlocks and rewards once the Minstrel quest is completed.

Here are the rewards for completing the Dark Falls quest:

  • 1 Forest Staff
  • 1 Scalpel
  • 312,750 Base Exp
  • 181,400 Job Exp
  • 4,500 Zeny

You must answer all three questions correctly for the Dark Falls quest or else you go back to the first one. This guide will help you answer the questions with no worries and will always be updated on the latest changes to the game. This guide is for the 2019 version of the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love mobile game.

Answers to All Dark Falls Questions

Here are the questions and correct answers to the Dark Falls quest to be able to complete the quest.

  1. Who is the master of Hellgrehenn the blacksmith in Prontera? The answer is Hayward.
  2. In Ereme’s story, which monster gained control over Eremes’ father? The answer is The Dark Illusion.
  3. In Solo Took’s story, what’s the name of Solo Took’s wife? The answer is Korena.

After answering all questions from the Minstrel correctly, you will then proceed with collecting these items:

  • 150 Devil Hearts.
  • 60 x Abyss Flowers from the Buckler Archers (Note: Since The Abyss Flowers are consumable items, they can be purchased from the exchange)

Answers to All King Schmitz Questions

King Schmitz questions you need to complete. Talk to Belmond Ellen Minstrel to answer.

  1. In Yarsuharka the Sabertooth’s story, which term of Kobold prophet did Yarsuharka serve as? The answer is The First.
  2. Reyen, Morgan, and Maria have one mentor. What’s her name? The answer is Circe.
  3. Which guild did Los Rabil belong to before joining in the Hand of Goddess? The answer is The Assassins’ Guild.

Answers to Wisdom Family Questions

Another quest from the Minstrel is the Wisdom Family questions, here are the answers.

  1. In Sibigay’s story, what is Sibigay’s profession? The answer is the Puppeteer.
  2. In Lavure’s story, what magic did Lavure cast? The answer is Ancient Magic.
  3. In Elke’s story, what did Elke want to exchange the Goddess necklace for? The answer is Goddess’s Tear.

Rock, Scissor, and Paper Game

The final quest challenge for the Dark Falls quest is the Rock, Scissor and Paper game. The objective is to pick one answer from the three choices.

The correct answer for the Rock, Scissor, and Paper game is random. No matter what you pick, you will always win. In my case, I answered Rock and it ended up correct, so if you want the safest bet, you can follow my answer.

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