Evil Hunter Tycoon Complete Guide

Evil Hunter Tycoon Complete Guide for Beginners and Veterans alike. Know the tips on how to grind and farm faster for your town and hunters to easily climb the difficulty ladder.

Evil Hunter Tycoon: Most Complete Guide

This guide is the best out there. You may know the basics of the game or still trying to get there, but there might be things you have missed or you wished you have known before playing Evil Hunter Tycoon. Let’s get started.

Choosing the Right Hunters

Evil Hunter Tycoon Hunters
Superior and above Hunters should be in the Town

You may be given with few default hunters to get the game started, but based on my experience, it is important to know which hunters you should start off right away. There are different Hunter tiers: Normal, Rare, Superior, Heroic, and Legendary. To avoid regrets later on in the game, ditch the other hunters that are below Superior. Only choose Hunters that are Superior and above. If you find a Heroic or a Superior of the same class, you can save the Hunter for later to increase your Hunter housing without banishing your people.

Best Hunter Classes in the Game

All Hunter classes are unique for their own right, but there are classes that stood out from the rest when it comes to speed in leveling, grinding and farming.

Here we order Classes in Evil Hunter Tycoon from best to worse and an explanation on why:

  1. Berserker: Arguably the strongest class in the game because of Fury Skill that enrages the class increasing attack speed and damage.
  2. Ranger: The class is squishy but multishot is what made Rangers second from the best. Multishot fires rapid arrows into the monsters draining its health very fast. The Evasion skill is also a plus which gives Rangers more changes to dodge monster attacks.
  3. Sorcerer: Another squishy class that benefits more in AoE burst damage. Thunderbolt deals burst damage in an area every 8 seconds. If you pair Sorcerers with Archmage’s Grasp item, which increases a Sorcerer’s Thunderbolt count and damage, this class will be as strong as Rangers and Berserkers, but the Archmage item is the rarest for Sorcerers and is tough to grind.
  4. Paladin: Paladin is the game’s tank. With high defense and shield, this hunter class is useful in Dungeons and PVP. Although Paladin has a potential late in the game, players often find it very hard to level a Paladin to the max in early stages unless on full gears.

I don’t advise focusing on all Berserkers for your town, it doesn’t hurt to have a few paladins and sorcerers just in case you need mixed classes to be able to do something in the future updates.

Best Traits in Evil Hunter Tycoon per class

Traits come with Hunters as they level up, the more they reincarnate, the more points can be spent on Traits.

Here are traits to prioritize first for each Hunter class:

  • Berserker: Double Attack is the best to prioritize first for Berserkers because it will have an increased chance to activate due to zerk’s attack speed. Double Attack gives you a chance to inflict a multi-attack when hitting. The faster Berserkers are the more chances the Double Attack will be activated.
  • For Rangers, Quicken (if you’re struggling with speed), Double attack, or Curse (PVP) to reduce opponent’s attack damage.
  • Sorcerer: Quicken is currently the best for Sorcerers as they need more attack speed while waiting for Thunderbolt to go on Cooldown.
  • Paladin: Stone Skin is best for Paladins to increase their defenses. But if you’re trying an attack speed Paladin, go for Quicken.

Best Secret Tech for Each Class

Secret Tech
Secret Technique in Evil Hunter Tycoon

Secret Tech is a luxury for a Hunter because you need a Tech Tree book so it can be assigned and they’re not that common within the game so make sure you spend them wisely. If possible, Secret Technique Books should be spent on classes that are Legendary. If you couldn’t get any, at least on a Heroic Class to avoid regrets later.

Here are recommended Secret Tech for each class in Evil Hunter Tycoon:

  • Berserkers: Diet Control reduces Satiety consumption. Zerks are already fast and painful but the downside is they get hungry easily the faster they attack. This is essential when fighting a Field Boss as you don’t have to keep on going home just to get food.
  • Rangers: Increase Attack or Attack speed
  • Sorcerers: Decreased cooldown for Thunderbolt
  • Paladins: Increase Defense or Attack speed

Where to get Secret Tech books?

Secret Technique Books are not lootable in any monsters in the game. You get Secret Tech Books each time you get a Hunter on the waiting slot or at the Colosseum when you do PVP.

The amount of books given varies on the tier of the Hunter that arrived:

  • NORMAL: 2
  • RARE: 4
  • HEROIC: 16

Focus only on required maxed Hunters

Each difficulty requires a number of reincarnated hunters

If going from Easy to Normal difficulty only requires 2 reincarnated Hunters, then only focus on maxing out two of them. Do not worry about other Hunters getting behind in levels and reincarnation because once you move into the next difficulty, you can use the Training Ground and produce Books to get other Hunters on the max level in 30 minutes (depends on Training Ground level, of course).

Cooperating with Hunters

As the leader of the town where your Hunters work to hunt, cooperation is key. But what is your role in building your town progressively and helping Hunters become strong? Simple, make sure to utilize the Trading Post so you can request materials from Hunters that can help you craft weapons, armors, accessories, and also for upgrading buildings in the Town. With this, you are giving Hunters income to buy items from you as the game progresses. Trust me, in this scenario, you will always be the winner so don’t worry about losing gold from requesting items from Hunters.

But, if you want to loot hunt drops without pressing too much on the screen, you can buy Looting Pets (via Gems) to attach them to Hunters and these pets will be responsible for looting discarded items for you without the need of using Trading Post too much.

Know when to move to the next zone

Invaded Land is the starting zone for Hunters, but once you notice that Hunters are getting Experience Penalty which pops up on the monster as the hunter kills it, it’s time to move to the next zone. But to save you the hassle, move to the Land of the Dead if your Hunter is level 35 and then to the Land of the Fallen on Level 65. Land of the Fallen will be the last zone to get to level 100.

The right time to do Boss Fights

A field boss is the strongest monster in the game. The rewards are rare but fruitful, however, you need to get your Hunters strong enough to face it. A two or more reincarnated Hunters will be enough to kill Bosses with the help of other low-level hunters. The more reincarnated characters, the better. Make sure you don’t move to another difficulty yet if you want to farm the best materials to craft weapons and armors.

Tips on Enhancing and Upgrading Items

Upgrade Stones
Upgrade Stones vary per difficulty

Weapons, armors, and accessories can be enhanced or upgraded. Enhancement adds bonus stats to your items the greater the number will be. Upgrading items, however, is increasing your items from the current difficulty to the next one without having to grind more items. Upgrading uses upgrade stone materials but the success rate is often very low.

Where to find Upgrade Stones?

Finding the right upgrade stones requires the correct item level. The success rate will be 20% on every difficulty, but if you want to get more upgrade stones, go to the Dungeon and enhance the raid if you can afford to find more upgrade stones than normal.

Upgrade as much as you can

Upgrading your town hall and other buildings are as important as leveling you Hunters. Perks of upgraded buildings are unlockables that help you keep up with the needs of your people. Again, spending gold on building upgrades should not be a problem, it will always be a worthy investment.

Know where to spend your gems

Gems are important resources in the game. You need to pay real money in order to get as many gems as you want, but if you’re on a budget then make sure you know where to spend them.

The best way to spend gems is on Looting Pets to help you loot discarded items and Buff pets which roams your town and increases Hunter damage, adds lifesteal, and defense. Also, costumes give bonus stats while making Hunters look even cuter.

If you can afford to buy more gems, you can use them to buy Arcane Hunter Invitation to increase your chances of getting very rare Hunters.

Best way to get gems

What’s good about Evil Hunter Tycoon is that you can earn gems without spending real-life money. You can get gems by following Quests, watching advertisements from Goblins, and earning achievements. Make sure you also focus on finishing them as well to get those gems.

You can also get gems by chance when spending Elemental on Random Gem & Gold box on the Shop Menu.

Keep Crafting

If you keep crafting items based on your spare materials, you will earn more profit and also helping your Hunters reach the max level faster. But take note requesting a lot of materials from Hunters will make you spend a lot of gold. To save more profit, spend your gold on Dungeons instead, there you will be able to upgrade weapons, armors, and accessories for your hunter at a cost of Upgrade Stones. This way, Hunter items will be strong enough for the current difficulty.

Doing dungeons also gives you head items and the best head armor stats you should keep are Lifesteal helmets. This will make Hunters stronger and less time spent on going to heal up.

Always make sure you craft the best items for your Hunters to help them survive different levels of monsters near your town. There’s no point in saving out materials as they will be useless on the next difficulty. Craft healing potions if you can afford to decrease the time Hunters will have to go home to heal up. Managing time the right way is also important in this game.

Recycle unused materials

As you move into the next difficulty (from Easy to Normal), materials from the previous difficulty will mostly be rendered useless. But don’t worry, you can recycle those unused materials into Mana Essence which can be used to buy Random Bonus Chest (5x a day) at the Shop. To break down materials into Mana Essence, just go to Town Storage > Materials and click the items and then you can recycle them.

Make sure to stay tuned because we do update this guide as new patches happen on Evil Hunter Tycoon to help you out with the latest trends. Happy Hunting!

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