MMR Dota 2 Calculation For Ranking Calibration

MMR Dota 2 Calculation is still achievable if you know the formula. Back in the early days of Dota 2, Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is a thing. Now, Valve has issued a medal system that removes the old numbering in ranks. The MMR is still visible when you look into your Dota 2 Profile. That hidden rating is used to determine your rank on the first calibration.

New Ranking Calibration Method

The recent reset for the new season for Dota 2 features Core and Support roles for MMR. This guide is still useful on how to play better for the new calibration method.

Before using this system, please take note:

  • Valve has banned thousands of players due to Smurfing and selling/buying of accounts. The company has made it clear that these acts are prohibited because they destroy the game’s quality.
  • The MMR calculation we are going to use is the same as the smurfers and account sellers use.
  • You can use this guide to get a Very High Skill in Dotabuff (Ancient Rank in Dota 2).
  • This guide is not for beginners.

A recent Dota 2 blog update about Matchmaking for the New Season currently states:

We recognize that recently there has been an increase in smurf accounts. We share the sentiments the community has expressed on this issue and we consider it a high priority for us to solve as well. There isn’t a single solution that can address this issue easily, but we hope that a combination of multiple different changes over time will reduce the negative impacts and frequency of it.

– Official Dota 2 Blog

Moving forward, we will be spending more time on live detection of smurfing and boosting behaviors. This will hopefully allow us to put detected accounts into an aggressive recalibration, resulting in a much quicker adjustment to an accurate MMR while reducing the number of games that are ruined in the process. In addition to this aggressive recalibration, we’ll also be detecting and banning accounts for egregious boosting or exploiting of game mechanics.

– Official Dota 2 Blog

How will this update affect this guide?

  • Actually, it won’t. This guide is not teaching you how to smurf but rather how to get a higher MMR on a new account. This website does not use any exploits or cheats in order to obtain a Very High MMR but rather on what determines a player’s MMR after they have calibrated.

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Understanding the Dota 2 Algorithm

One reason why some people can get to Immortal Rank on their first calibration is because of their skills. There is no such thing as a cheat command in Dota 2 that will help you get through it.

In the past, MMR in Dota 2 is exploited by playing against bots, but those days are gone. Valve now uses an algorithm to place a player on its correct rank before playing Ranked matches. A player is still ranked even on normal matches before calibration, but that rank is hidden until complete calibration.

How the Dota 2 Algorithm Works

Smurfing can’t be removed entirely because Valve is concerned for new players and old players creating a new account. Experienced or Pro players will create a new account and then play against newbies that will result in unbalanced gameplay. The algorithm will then flag a player and place it on high-ranked normal matches. If the player still has stats exceeding most players, he will be moved to another tier until skills are matched.

Smurfs gaming the system

Experienced players can game this system to smurf or sell accounts to interested people. Valve has no way of preventing smurfs; instead, they are banning players who are caught using smurf accounts. Based on historical facts, unbalanced gameplay caused by smurfers is the reason why some games struggled in getting new players.

Valve’s bold move prevented a Smurfing catastrophe

Valve has done an excellent job in preventing a total catastrophe while keeping the system intact. The secret formula is adding more weight to new accounts before Calibration.

  • New accounts are forced to play 100 games before being able to go ranked. That is over 100 hours of gameplay if each match lasts an hour.

MMR Dota 2 Calculation using play style and DotaBuff

MMR Dota 2 Calculation will be based on two things:

  • Overall play style: This determines if you really deserve a very high skill rank.
  • Dotabuff Ratings: Using the website to determine your estimated hidden MMR.

In a recent matchmaking update by Valve, they have confirmed that:

The system searches for players that frequently perform significantly above their current skill bracket, and applies an MMR increase to those players until they’ve reached a skill bracket where they’re no longer over-performing.

The formula to get your MMR after calibration will be based on the statements below that is also confirmed by the developer team from Valve.

MMR Dota 2 Calculation using Overall Playstyle

Data is used by the Algorithm to see if you are performing very well in a match. Here are the metrics used by Valve to rank a player.

Kills, Deaths, Assists (KDA)

Overall, this is a reliable indicator of a skilled player. You can’t have good KDA if you don’t farm well, level up faster, and be present in clashes. Supports, although expected to have low kills, still benefit from a good KDA because of the Assist factor. Assist is as good as kills, always remember that.

Gold Per Minute (GPM) and Net Worth

A high GPM on standard match means that you can keep up with farming in a short time. Although GPM is not the ultimate factor in determining your skills (even pro players get low GPM on some scenarios but manage to come back in the late game), it is still an addition to the formula.

Experience Per Minute (XPM)

A High XPM tells the algorithm that you are present in most clashes and is active when it comes to Jungle/Creep/Hero Kills.

Last Hits/Denies

The last hit and deny records doesn’t need much explaining. A very high LH/D in the game means you are experienced in last-hitting friendly and enemy creeps to give your team an advantage.

Item Builds

Believe it or not, but the item builds are great factors for getting the hidden MMR you desire. The algorithm detects item qualities you have in-game, whether current or sold, to know if you’ve made an impact on the quality of the game.

Overall Damage and Damage per Second (DPS)

Higher damage output on enemy heroes means you have contributed to the clash victories happening in the game.

Overall Healing

A support’s way of telling the game that it is reliable and efficient during encounters is the Healing stats.

Utility Spending Rate

Do you buy Observer and Sentry wards to support your team? Data can determine if you are a high-skilled support hero if you buy utilities (wards, TP, etc.) more often than others. An experienced player buys more to help the team than newbies.

Building Damage

Contributions when it comes to dealing damage to enemy towers and structures. If you don’t damage buildings it means you are not pushing. Pushing is an essential part of the game to win!

Win Rate

It is yet to be confirmed whether the win rate is part of the formula. Picking the hero who has a high win rate means that hero is the best in the current meta and gives you an edge when it comes to stats. It may still be a theory, but it is a good factor.

The stats mentioned above will always align with the performance of the player. Data does not lie. How can a player own the game with low GPM and XPM? It doesn’t make sense right. So make sure to improve on those skill sets above to get to a higher MMR after calibration.

MMR Dota 2 Calculator using Dotabuff Ratings

Since MMR is hidden at the early stage, using Dotabuff is a way for you to know your medal after calibration depending on the skill level on the latest ten games from Dotabuff.

Very High Skill on the bottom of your hero per game.
Very High Skill on the bottom of your hero per game. Source: DotaBuff

Very High Skill (VHS) games mean that you are above 3500 Matchmaking Rating. We will use this as the MMR Dota 2 Calculator. Once you have maintained VHS ratings on your latest games and keep the stats, your MMR will go higher and higher until you struggle.

Valve’s system can detect your average MMR by comparing the overall data you get when playing players. For example, if you can quickly get very high play style metrics on 6000 but fails to do so in 8000, it means that you’ll likely end up in the Divine Rank.

Lastly, spying on your Dotabuff profile lets you see the ranks of your team and opponents to know which position you’ll likely end up. Calculate the average of your team rating vs the opposing side so you’ll get an even clearer picture of what your hidden MMR is.


I’ve seen many players getting frustrated that they don’t get the Rank they’ve been craving. A reason for that is those players failed to improve themselves. You cannot maintain a Very High MMR rating if you don’t play well and be consistent. In general, the only way to get a high-placed rank in Dota 2 is to get better in every match.

Are you mad because you are placed at a High Skill bracket? Valve’s algorithm does not lie; whatever stats you show every game is very crucial in determining your medal. There is no way to trick the game into believing you deserve the Immortal Tier unless you show them.

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