Dota 2 Patch 7.23 Huge Changes To Look Out For

Dota 2 The Outlanders patch 7.23 is now live. If you do not understand the changes yet, we have it all summarized for you. Also, know the winners and losers of the patch due to nerfs and buffs being put to the table.

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Dota 2 The Outlanders’ New Heroes

The Outlanders’ name for the new major 7.23 patch (1.2GB update) is derived from new heroes that came from the Outlands.

Void Spirit

Ready to join his spirit brethren, at last, the Void Spirit emerges from his Hidden Temple to stand guard over multiple areas of the battlefield at once. Able to step into and out of the mortal plane at will, he easily outmaneuvers opponents to strike from wherever he desires, calling upon the powers of the aether to shield him in times of need.

Brief intro for Void Spirit

Void Spirit is a new addition to the Spirit Race in Dota 2. Set with 2/3 stars difficulty, Void Spirit is a Melee Carry, Nuker, Disabler, and Escape Hero. Here are the abilities of the Void Spirit.

Void Spirit Hero Spotlight Video: Skills and Background
  • AETHER REMNANT: Void Spirit dispatches a remnant aspect of himself to stand sentinel over a small area. The remnant peers in a single direction, waiting to pull in and damage enemies that cross its gaze.
  • DISSIMILATE: Void Spirit temporarily fades into the aether, creating a number of portals through which he can reassemble himself and cause damage to enemies in the area where he reappears.
  • RESONANT PULSE: Void Spirit wraps himself in a protective shield that absorbs physical damage and emits a single damaging pulse around him. The shield gains increased damage absorption for each enemy hero the pulse hits.
  • ASTRAL STEP: Void Spirit consumes a charge to rip through reality into the astral plane, damaging all enemies along the rift path and inflicting a void mark that slows and detonates for significant damage.


Just as happy to blow your legs off with her trusty scattergun as to fill your belly up with a deliciously-dangerous cookie, Beatrix Snapfire delights in riding into battle with her dragon toad Mortimer, always ready to mow down their enemies with her homemade heavy artillery or finish them off with a steady barrage of Mortimer’s firespit globs.

Brief intro for Snapfire

Snapfire is ranged support, disabler, nuker, and escape hero. Kind of similar to disruptor when it comes to character design with the techies’ element.

Snapfire Hero Spotlight Video: Skills and Background
  • SCATTERBLAST: Snapfire unloads with a wide blast from her trusty scattergun that damages and slows enemies. Particularly effective at point-blank range.
  • FIRESNAP COOKIE: Snapfire feeds a potent cookie to Mortimer or an ally, causing them to hop a short distance. The hopping unit stuns and damages enemies in the landing zone.
  • LIL’ SHREDDER: Snapfire unleashes a volley of fixed-damage attacks with her lizard-mounted battle cannons, gaining rapid fire and bonus attack range while slowing the attack speed of enemies she hits.
  • MORTIMER KISSES: Snapfire rears up on Mortimer, guiding his aim as he launches burning globs of firespit that damage on impact and linger on the ground to slow enemies and cause more damage over time.

Major Gameplay Changes to the Dota 2 Patch 7.23

All I can say is that the patch 7.23 is a patch favoring the gameplay of supports. Now that observer wards are free, saving for the economy gives less strain for our dearly-loved Position 4 and 5. The real wards battle starts here. Also, the side shop has been removed and instead replaced with an outpost. Tower repairs can also be obtained and I’m sure it will be another complex job responsibilities for support to secure lanes this time.


Outposts are the new neutral buildings added to the game replacing the side shop.

There are two of these on the map, located where the Side Shops were previously. Right-clicking to channel it takes 6 seconds and then you gain control over the outpost. Converts faster with more allies channeling. Having control over an outpost grants you bonus XP upon initially capturing it, and at 5-minute intervals on the game clock. It also provides your team unobstructed vision in that area and allows you to TP to it. Outposts are inactive for the first 10 minutes of the game and cannot be captured then.

  • XP bonus is 25*Min XP to each player
  • Provides 500 AoE true sight
  • Only gains XP bonus once per period regardless if you have one or two outposts controlled
  • Takes 6 seconds to teleport to it (shares the delayed TP duration mechanic with T1 towers)

Neutral Grounds Reworked

Neutral creeps also drop tier items, this will affect the laning stage and is the biggest Dota 2 update yet. With previously removed items brought back into the game as neutral creep loots, this brings a challenge to everyone on who should benefit from it: whether the cores or supports. But what like n0tail said previously, “Anything can work.”

Courier Reworked

The benefits of the Turbo game finally came to normal and ranked matchmaking. Each hero now has its own courier which can level up that gives out +GPM per level. In the previous patch, the passive +GPM is given to the hero. Now, heroes will have responsibilities to their own courier and cosmetics will be seen as a new hit on the market this time. Good job, Valve!

Hero Levels Increased to 30

Heroes in Dota 2 can now level up to 30 which lets everyone get the full benefits of the talent tree. If you were ever confused about which talent tree to pick for your hero, you can now strategize which to pick first and get the rest later as you get to level 30.

Match Longevity

With Tower repairs, Outposts war, and buffs to Towers, I believe that matches will be longer this time which makes comebacks more intense as there will be changes to scanning cooldowns and increase the duration in Fortification.

Winners and Losers for Dota 2 Patch 7.23

Dota 2 Patch 7.23 offers nerfs and buffs to most heroes in the game. With the recent Scepter and spell immunity mechanism rework, we expect new meta heroes for the patch. This will be based on four categories: Huge Buff, Slight Buff, Slight Nerf, and Huge Nerf.

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Huge Buff Winners

Here are heroes that have been given huge buffs that will probably be the new meta in the game.

  • Earthshaker: Increased Echo Slam damage with increased enchant totem range as well though leap can be rooted now.
  • Ancient Apparition: Ulti pierces immunity. Chilling touch has no cooldown with Scepter. Great Combo for Magic heroes.
  • Bane: Place Enfeeble debuff on skills, probably counters Omniknight. Brain sap buffed.
  • Batrider: Though flame break damage reduced, its AoE and duration increased, sticky napalm is faster to cast now.
  • Brewmaster reworks on the Cinder Brew which will be seen what it’s capable of.
  • Chaos Knight: Major buff for this hero as Reality reduces armor but no longer slows. Reworked on Scepter upgrade which gives allies an illusion. Stronger spell resistance on Phantasm and are now considered Strong Illusions which cannot be instantly killed with spells.
  • Crystal Maiden’s Arcane Aura regen doubles on her for more magic resistance and mana regen.
  • Dark Seer’s vacuum now works on Sleeping/Invulnerable Targets (Hello, Naga combo?). Scepter reduces vacuum cooldown to 12 seconds and doubles the width of Wall of Replica
  • Drow Ranger gets an increase Gust Knockbocks, Precision Aura replaced with Multishot which is a hell of damage (scaling to her base damage) and applies Frost Arrow. The multishot benefits from the Hurricane Pike and the evasion talent is now removed, a good way to go for the Butterfly. Although Marksmanship no longer instantly kills creeps, it still deals a lot of damage to it when procs.
  • Earth Spirit’s base intelligence increased with talent increasing boulder distance.
  • Lich’s Sinister Gaze now drains 25% of targets mana back to you. Level 25 Talent gets Unlimited Chain Frost bounces instead of 60% Slow.
  • Lone Druid gets a huge buff this patch as Spirit Bear is now considered a Hero in terms of armor and attack type instead of Basic. Bear controls by Lone Druid are now available at Level 1. With slight nerfs on other scenarios that make the Spirit bear a hard hero to deal with, the increase damage bonus on Demolish, paired with decreased in overall health, makes this hero now a push hero (rat strategy) instead of a killer hero. Lone Druid and Spirit Bear are now forced to be together to get the benefits they both need.
  • Luna gets base stats advantage. Lunar Blessing now provides allied player units +10/15/20/25% Attack Damage and +10/15/20/25% Total Armor Bonus. Provides Luna with 200/400/600/800 night vision.
  • Lycan gets an intense buff as howl decreases armor by a huge margin and also applicable from the wolves. Scepter grants Lycan Wolf bite which gives target allied hero the stats of Shapeshift.
  • Magnus has been a loss for those who pick him on huge Tournaments. Now, Now his Shockwave pulls get increased by 50 and Empower doubles if cast on self. Though empower’s benefits have been reduced on allies, I think Valve is trying to make Magnus a lone hero instead of being just a support meta. Scepter gives reduced cooldown on Skewer with no mana cost. I see the revive of this offlane hero in the current meta.
  • Necrophos’ Reaper Scythe no longer pierces spell immunity but most of his basic skills get a huge buff in terms of damage.
  • Pangolier gets an increase in boulder duration on talent.
  • Phoenix gets a base strength increase with Supernova piercing on spell immunity.
  • Although Pudge gets a health regen reduction by 2 from Flesh Heap, he is still buffed due to Scepter now reducing the cooldown on Dismember and can swallow allies to heal them by 4% per second. Pudge is getting more of its support form than a hook spammer.
  • Troll Warlord’s agility gain and ensnare proc chance increased.
  • Tusk has a good movement speed to increase in this patch. No changes in his abilities overall except for spell immunity piercing.
  • Underlord gets the most buff this update except for the -5% damage-reduction aura. However, cast range and agility gain have increased.
  • Undying gets a rework on his Ultimate Abilities. I see this as a positive change since his attack debuff will increase zombie damage and he gets 50% strength that we should except to scale with Decay. In patch 7.23a, he gets a Flesh Golem slow buff and strength multiplier.
  • Ursa’s Earthshock is like a short version of Earthshaker’s leap but slows the enemy on impact. The tradeoff is that his movement speed has decreased slightly. However, the jump feature of Ursa’s first skill is a sure win to chase off runners with a decreased cooldown.
  • Vengeful Spirit’s rework is a win. The only downside is the rework on Vengeance Aura that balances the exploit of Aura’s by Drow, Luna, and Vengeful. Swap now works on sleeping targets which is a good support skill to compete against Bane, Naga, and other invulnerability-triggering skills out there.
  • Lesser micro-managing skills for Visage as Gargoyles can chase enemies and automatically stuns them with Stone Form.
  • Weaver’s Sukuchi haste has been removed and replaced with unslowable status, removing speed limits like Bloodseeker and grants him 225 haste. I see this as a huge buff because Weaver can be countered by heroes with slow spells, making him easier to kite.
  • Winter Wyvern can now damage heroes affected by Winter’s Curse.

Slight Buff Winners

Slight-buffed heroes are reworks that have tradeoffs but still seen as an advantage despite the changes.

  • Alchemist: Increased health regen on Ultimate with Talent supporting it as well with movement speed increase.
  • Abaddon’s mist coil is no longer lethal on self.
  • Axe’s slight nerf on counter helix chance but cooldown improved and Culling pierces immunity.
  • Beastmaster’s Wild Axe now pierces spell immunity.
  • Bloodseeker’s Rupture nerfed on early levels but agility change increase with Bloodrage damage increased as well.
  • Bounty Hunter’s track bonus move speed increase by 4% on maxed level
  • Centaur Warrunner’s Retaliate return damage increased with talent increasing it to +90.
  • Dark Willow’s Bedlam damage increased and lifesteal talent as well. Scepter build is now more viable. Probably this hero will be a mid or a new offlane meta.
  • Dazzle’s Scepter Shadow wave bounce count increase and so does the rage, dispels on allied targets too.
  • Death Prophet’s base intelligence increased by 3
  • Disruptor’s Thunder strike now applies a millisecond 100% movement speed and attack speed slow.
  • Doom, a long-forgotten hero, makes a comeback with Scepter and ability reworks.
  • Dragon Knight scepter now provides flying pathing, a new offlane meta perhaps?
  • Elder Titan’s skills reworked. Ultimate pierces spell immunity with additional spell resistance on Astral Spirit with Scepter.
  • Ember Spirit gets a Talent nerf but flame guard absorption is increased and remnant charging time decreased.
  • Enigma’s Midnight Pulse now magical with spell immunity piercing but the damage is increased by 1.5-2% per level.
  • Grimstroke’s Panthom embrace damage increased with the Ink swell range increased as well.
  • Gyrocopter’s scepter range increases and now prioritized enemy units further away
  • Legion Commander’s overwhelming odds talent increased in damage.
  • Lina gets more strength increase on each level, making her tougher with more health as she levels up.
  • Mars’ Arena of Blood now destroys trees within the range of Arena.
  • Phantom Assassin’s Level 20 Talent increased from +25% Blur Evasion to +30%. Now she gets +80% Evasion with that Talent.
  • Puck gets a cast range buff with bug fixes making it more viable.
  • Queen of Pain gets an Agility gain increase and Scream of Pain range increased from 475 to 525.
  • Razor can now attack heroes while linking.
  • Rubick gets a slight base armor increase.
  • Shadow Shaman’s Mass Serpent Ward damage increased.
  • Skywrath Mage gets an Ancient Seal cast range increase with a lower cooldown on talent.
  • Slark’s Scepter gives pounce two charges and travels double the distance/speed.
  • Spectre’s Dispersion now deals damage through Spell Immunity (as a result of the Spell Immunity change).
  • Storm Spirit’s Level 25 Talent Overload Pierces Immunity now deals damage through Spell Immunity (as a result of the Spell Immunity change)
  • Templar Assassin gets a Psi blade width buff and reduced cooldown on Psionic Projection.
  • Timbersaw gets a higher agility increase per level.
  • Tinker gets increased base damage and slight mana regen increase.
  • Treant Protector gets a new shorter-range Living Armor but has greater stats benefits. Leech seed has been reworked into a self-casting spell instead of a targetted one. Not entirely sure if this is a slight buff but we have to see.
  • Viper gets a slight buff. There are changes mostly to Nethertoxin but the Talent wherein that ability silences players in a radius around it haven’t changed so I see it as a positive side for Viper. In the last patch, he is like a ranged version of Riki. The downside to this rework though is that he no longer received spell resistance.
  • Venomancer got a big buff this patch. Poison sting also reduces health regen by 30% hit by it. But Poison Nova can be countered by Black King Bar.
  • Clinkz: We have yet to find out if this is a slight or huge nerf since there’s a rework on Clinkz’s abilities. Strafe is replaced with Death Pact that gives minus armor debuff and permanent damage increase if an enemy dies with your debuff on them. Burning Army gets a huge nerf to 28% damage on a maxed level from 120%.

Slight Nerf Losers

Heroes that have received a slight nerf as they were seen as overpowered in the last patch.

  • Anti-Mage: Mana Break damage reduced. Mana void no longer pierces spell immunity and increased cooldown.
  • Arc Warden’s duration increased for illusion but Spark Wraith damage reduced by 50. Lesser Roshan spam.
  • Bristleback’s Viscous Nasal Goo armor reduction reduced.
  • Chen: Mana cost for Hand of God increases and +30% XP gain replaced with +200 Health.
  • Clockwerk’s Hookshot CD reduced to 30 and Scepter has been changed from low CD skills to a new skill which is Overclocking. Increases your movement speed by 40% and attack speed by +200 for 8 seconds then you get stunned for 4 seconds after the duration expires. Sad day for Clockwerk.
  • Enchantress: With Impetus now a basic ability and Untouchable as Ultimate with spell immunity piercing, this is a huge tradeoff for Enchantress. Now it is easier to go against her in lanes early game and she can only control one creep now with Enchant. But the Untouchable now pierces spell immunity so it’s a good thing for those who want to BKB against her. Untouchable gets a slight nerf on talent as well.
  • Faceless Void’s time lock stun duration reduced with Chronosphere cooldown increased. Scepter no longer reduces Chronosphere cooldown but Timewalk time locks enemies within the range of its path.
  • Huskar’s Scepter ability reworked. Instead of increasing Ultimate damage, it now taunts an enemy target for 2.5 seconds. Burning spear now costs 4% health on Huskar instead of 15 fixed damage.
  • Invoker’s Cataclysm is now a Scepter skill. Invoke no longer benefits from the scepter which is bad news for invoker. But the upside is that he gets cooldown reductions on some skills on the talent tree.
  • Juggernaut’s Blade Fury nerfed on level 15 talent but increased to 130 on Level 20 talent. Still, a loss on the mid-game stage.
  • Keeper of the Light’s Cast range reduced, now KOTL needs more moving to get things done.
  • Kunkka gets increased cooldown rates on most of his skills. Now Ultimate is reworked for Scepter upgrade. Torrent Storm randomly spawns every 5 seconds in 1100 are around Kunkka but these torrents are visible and can be dodged.
  • Leshrac no longer has +25 evasion talent.
  • Mirana’s arrow gets a slight nerf but stun duration increases per level. No more painful and long stuns on Level 1 bounty competition.
  • Morphling gets a slight nerf with Morph now getting the same health and mana on both forms. Before, when Morphling has low health and switches to another hero, it gets the higher health of the one it copied. This is shown in Majors when TNC.Gabbi was almost unkillable with Morph abilities due to both forms not sharing the same health and mana.
  • Ogre Magi is now a bit squishy due to reduced base strength.
  • Pugna’s Nether Ward now only procs against things that affect Magic Stick.
  • Riki’s Cloak and Dagger now an ultimate and Ultimate a basic ability. No more stressing on buying sentry early game to counter Riki. But beware, blink now has 2 charges. Smoke Screen gets a CD, slow, and vision nerf as well. The removal of Cloak and Dagger in the early stage gets a strength increase tradeoff, making Riki a less bit squishy.
  • Requiem of Souls no longer reduces attack damage on the enemy is hit.
  • Sniper’s Assassination on Scepter now has reduced cast time instead of the talent. Also disables enemies being hit for 1.8 seconds. We have yet to see if Divine Sniper is still a thing for this patch.
  • Sven’s Warcry now grants a bonus armor, bonus damage, and move speed instead of damage absorption from the last patch. Scepter now gives Sven’s Storm hammer longer range and he travels along with it like Thor.
  • Tidehunter’s Kraken shell damage reduction is now lower.
  • Tree Grab on Tiny no longer has charges but he gets slowed while carrying a tree. Reduced damage on Buildings as well.
  • Warlock’s Golems get a nerf when it comes to dealing with Spells. It now has 100% Magic Resistance instead of a full spell immunity. Easier to counter him now with magic heroes.
  • Windranger gets a slight nerf as Windrun grants invisibility is moved to a Level 25 Talent instead of Level 20.
  • Zeus’ Nimbus Cloud’s mana cost increased and Arc Lightning damage talent decreased slightly.
  • Silencer gets agility nerf and Glaives of Wisdom projectile speed is reduced. But here’s a catch, Intelligence steal has a temporary effect on top of permanent ones though Glaives of Wisdom get reduced damage.
  • Medusa gets an intelligence increase per level but Mystic Snake no longer steals mana from targets. She gets an increased movement speed when casting Stone Gaze with slight nerfs on lower levels of the ultimate. Overall, the intelligence buff proved to be effective in helping Medusa get the mana pool she needs.

Huge Nerf Losers

These are heroes given a huge nerf hammer because of a very strong imbalance in the last patch.

  • IO gets a huge nerf as Tether no longer gives damage reduction but instead gives health regeneration. Spirits no longer slow enemies. Only Tether can slow enemies when hit so it makes IO more vulnerable to attacks.
  • Lifestealer no longer gains attack speed from rage. Base damage and armor reduced. Scepter on ultimate gives rage to infested target instead of controlling higher-level Neutrals from the last patch.
  • The last patch was just a slight nerf for Night Stalker, now Scepter no longer reduces the cooldown on Void.
  • Obsidian Destroyer gets a huge nerf with increased attack time. Arcane orb no longer has splash damage and no longer steals intelligence. The old third skill of OD is back with chances of replenishing mana on spell casting. Sanity Eclipse no longer gets increased damage based on int difference.
  • Witch Doctor’s Maledict can now be countered by Black King Bar.
  • Wraith King’s Vampiric Aura gets a huge nerf with lower lifesteal and it no longer affects creeps and his Skeleton’s damage is reduced by 5.

More changes will be updated on this article as we discover more of the latest patch meta in Dota 2. Stay tuned!

For complete changelog details of Dota 2’s new patch, please click here.

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  • November 27, 2019 at 6:50 pm

    I disagree with the idea that clinkz has been nerfed. Death pact allows instant death of a creep thus speeding farm (and jungle farming for those valuable items) as well as granting the ability to scale infinitely with permanent damage gain.

    • November 27, 2019 at 11:34 am

      Thank you for the insight!


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