Call of Duty: Warzone Survival Guides

Call of Duty: Warzone Battle Royale Survival Guides to help you what you need to learn about the game that can help your squad the sole survivors.

What’s in the Guide?

Call of Duty: Warzone is not the first battle royale game, it is most likely standalone from the 2019 Modern Warfare version of COD but it offers a unique experience to players who want to try out new gameplay of an existing genre to see which game fits their needs. To be launched on March 10, 2020, this COD game is surprisingly free-to-play which is a good move for Activision to get those people to try out the product. Here we cover the basics and things you need to learn on what makes this new game a unique survival experience.

Get those masks

A battle royale game is not complete without the safe zone game mechanic, what’s outside the safe zone will surely kill you. This will force players to meet in the middle as the zone closes in. What I hate about other danger zones out there is that players can easily maneuver their way through. In Warzone, the zone can kill you in less than 15 seconds and is surely very painful (with no healing allowed). This way, players will be really forced to get out of the danger zone and participate in gunfights rather than trying to heal themselves to be able to stay away from it. The game developers also made sure that you’ll have a chance to get out of the danger zone if things go complicated for you and the squad, the gas masks can save you a few seconds, so make sure you grab one when possible.

Save as many cash as possible

In-game cash is also important in the game, so important that it can help you buy stuff from the in-game shop boxes and can also be used to bring your dead squad back to life. Yes, once a teammate gets killed, he will be put into a prison where he battles another dead player, whoever wins will get a free respawn. If your buddy can’t afford to win in 1v1 matches (pun intended), you can use the in-game cash ($4500) to bring him back into the game. It works like Apex Legends but with a price. In-game cash is lootable in some spots on the map or from another player you just killed.

Be the first spotter

In most battle royale games, stealth is key. In Modern Warfare’s Warzone, things are different due to the fact that this game is true to the mechanics of call of duty– fast-paced action game. It’s more of a mix of Tarkov’s environmental and sound effects but at the same time the speed like of Apex Legend’s (but not that really fast). To win gunfights, be the first spotter. If you died, meaning you were spotted first, and judging by the game’s low recoil, knowing where the enemies are first is crucial to winning the game.

Grab those shotguns

Shotguns are built to be Close-quarter Combat Battles (CQB) but in this game, shotguns are actually modern injected with sci-fi elements to make those clutches in a medium range. But they’re still good when it comes to close combats if you think you are outnumbered. Rifles and SMGs are a bit bad when it comes to close fights as they drain bullets easily thus the need to reload. Reloading more often in close combats is a bad FPS strategy so make sure you bring a close distance weapon with you.

Snipers can 1-hit you

It is expected that Snipers are OP when it comes to Call of Duty games. Hill campers will benefit much from this. If you’re into long-range fights, grab a sniper as you will be able to take down a whole squad while being far away. I don’t know if the game developers will find a way to nerf them but they can instantly kill you in the head despite having 200 health (100 default health + 100 armor).

The best weapon in the game

The best weapon in the game depends on scenarios and your kind of playstyle. However, when it comes to Battle Royale, having a primary weapon that can both play in medium and close range and a secondary for long-range scenarios, I can say that Rifles and Snipers are two best combos. But that doesn’t mean those shotgun and SMGs are up to no good. Players can still win the game despite having no snipers, you just have to know where to hide and where to go. Also, you can change your weapon combination as the game progresses, if the zones are closer then you can grab those short-range weapons for the advantage from either the ground or enemies. The game has lots of spots you can go through to avoid getting 1-shot, so there’s the upside of it.

More guides will be added soon! Please stay tuned for updates!

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