Call of Duty: Mobile Winning Guides

Call of Duty: Mobile is the smartphone version of the famous COD franchise. Know the best strategies and weapons to use to be able to own an entire game for an easier rank up.

What is Call of Duty: Mobile?

Call of Duty: Mobile (Also known as COD: Mobile) is a massive hit FPS game on smartphone and PC, yes, you’ve heard it right. With the help of Tencent, the paid game we played for years can be played for free on both platforms (using an official emulator from GameLoop you can download here). Even if the game is just new, we are able to get the idea of how the game works and mastered it in just a few hours of playing. Having a history of playing COD games is an advantage.

Call of Duty: Mobile Standard Multiplayer Game Guide

Standard games are what Call of Duty is famous for. The game has multiple modes to choose from.

Here are different game modes in COD Mobile:

  • Frontline: Kill players on the opposing team. You always spawn at your base. The first team to reach the score limit wins!
  • Team Deathmatch: Kill players on the opposing team. The first team to reach the score limit wins!
  • Domination: Capture and hold objectives to earn points over time. Reach the score limit to win!
  • Search an Destroy: For each round, either work together to destroy an objective or stop the enemy from doing the same. No respawns.
  • Practice vs AI: Hone your skills against AI opponents. XP earns at a 90% reduction.

Best Weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile

Picking the best weapon in Call of Duty vary from one person to another. However, there are weapons that can easily overpower opponents in just a matter of seconds.

First things first, to get the funs you desire, you must play the game thoroughly as you will be given new weapons and other accessories as you level your player profile and weapons. The higher the level you get, the higher the number of loadouts you can use, letting you get multiple weapon combinations to choose from during the start of the game.

M4 Assault Rifle

Let us all admit that an M4 is the favorite weapon preferred by many on almost all COD franchise games. The reason for it is because it is the most accurate assault rifle with multiple attachments that can help up with the lack of damage. Accuracy is everything in FPS games and the M4 is blessed with a good fire rate, range, and mobility for an easier movement in the game.


AK-47 is a known arch-nemesis of the M4 rifle depicting Russian and terrorism, which is true to other FPS games as well as Counter-Strike. AK-47 is gifted with higher damage compared to M4 but has decreased accuracy. Once you master how the recoil works in the AK, you will be able to overpower M4 users in no time.


The PDW-57 is one of the top damagers in the game with a lower accuracy rating than AK-47. The downside to having this high damage is the range which is lower than both M4 and AK-47. Use the PDW-57 if you are up to a close-ranged fight that does not require you to camp further away.

Best Weapons in Each Map

Aside from weapons being a personal choice, each can be useful in different maps. Even in real-life Wars, the choice of weapons will depend on the terrain and how Urban the scenario can be.

Crash Map

Crash Map is the scenario in Call of Duty wherein you will rescue passengers on a crashed war chopper. This map is not that long but has many mazes you can go through in order to get to the enemy lines.

The best weapons to use in the Crash Map are:

  • M4
  • AK-47
  • PDW-57

I don’t really recommend using a sniper in this map as you can get flanked right away due to multiple obstacles present in the terrain.

Killhouse Map

Killhouse is the favorite of Snipers who like to camp in the middle balcony on the map.

The best weapons to use in Killhouse:

  • PDW-57
  • BY15 Shotgun
  • DL Q33 Sniper
Crossfire Map

Crossfire is also a sniper favorite as you get open spaces in the middle and you will know when players will flank you on either left or right side. The car on the middle side of the road is a good cover for snipers.

The best weapons to use in Crossfire:

  • DL Q33 Sniper
  • M4
  • AK-47

Nuketown is a short map where opposing teams respawn at two houses with cars parked in the middle. This map is best for those who love to use SMGs and other short-range weapons.

The best weapons to use in Nuketown:

  • PDW-57
  • AK-47
  • M4

Hijacked takes place on a cruise ship where you meet at the center. This map is longer than other maps out there.

The best weapons to use in Hijacked:

  • M4
  • AK-47

Accessories for Each Weapon

Choosing the right accessories for each weapon in Call of Duty requires knowledge on weapon stats provided in the game.

Here are scenarios you can use to choose the right weapon accessories:

  • Is your favorite weapon deal very high damage but is harder to control? Then choose accessories that will improve accuracies like Foregrips and Buttstocks.
  • Aim Down Sight (ADS) too slow? Choose accessories that will help speed up your sights like Quickdraw Magazines.
  • Is a weapon too heavy? Then choose accessories that will help improve mobility.
  • Too low damage? There are accessories that can help increase damage as well in the form of using a new kind of bullets.

There are other scenarios that you can think of once you know the map in the game. Use the map terrain to your advantage and select the weapons best fit for it.

Best Perks in the Game

In-game perks are passive attributes that could help you with any battles. There are three perks in the game that corresponds to their color: Red, Green, and Blue. You can only choose 1 perk per color and can have a maximum of three perks in total.

Recommended Red perks:

  • Fast Recover: Increases health recovery by 35%. One of the best perks in the Red section as you get overwhelmed by enemies, especially in Deathmatches. Having a fast recovery rate gives you a clutch advantage.
  • Agile: Being able to right-click and pull weapons faster than your opponent is crucial in winning fights.

Recommended Green perks:

  • Toughness: Reduces player flinch when being shot. The reason I recommend this perk is because it improves your response rate when an enemy is ahead of you when it comes to shots. This way, you’ll be able to maneuver easily and counter.

Most green perks are about counter-UAVs, tracking and stealthing. If you are up to silent mode, then choose other perks to your liking.

Recommended Blue perks:

  • Dead Silence: Remember, stealth is also key in the game as you will be able to flank enemies without being heard.
  • Alert: Enemy footsteps are easier to hear. If you don’t care about your noise and want to track enemies easier, then choose this one. Knowing where the enemy is half the battle.

Best Operator Skill

Operator Skill in COD mobile is activated when you reach a certain energy level from kills and doing your best in the game.

Here are different Operator Skills to choose from:

  • Scythe
  • War Machine
  • Purifier
  • Transform Shield
  • Tempest

The most annoying Operator Skill in my experience is the War Machine. It lets you throw granade launchers with insane AOE damage. If you are up to a longer range Operator Skill, choose the Scythe to counter Snipers and other long-range assault rifles.

Call of Duty Battle Royale Guide

Battle Royale on Call of Duty: Mobile may still be filled with bots to compensate for the few queues, but the game mode is actually fun knowing you get different class specialties to use within the game. What makes the Battle Royale version of COD is its zombie mode on certain areas on the map and bosses you can kill to get high-quality gears to help you win the game.

Key locations

Key locations in the BR mode are places you can parachute to get fun and advantage at the starting points.


The Diner, also a map in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode, is located southwest of Launch and forms a triangle with the Bus Station and Farm locales.

The Diner is another location where Zombies and the Mystery Box can spawn. After killing all the undead for rewards, also snag a table there and sweep the floors for items.

More guides about the BR mode of COD will come soon. If you are looking for the best class to play in BR, I recommend Ninja because you can climb on top of buildings with the grapple. Having a high ground advantage is cool.

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