Black Desert Mobile Complete Guide

Black Desert Mobile is coming, but first, you must know the complete and beginner’s guide from veterans on PC to avoid mistakes that will hurt your progress in the future.

What is Black Desert Mobile?

Black Desert Mobile (or Black Desert Online) is an open-world MMORPG game that was previously available on PC and consoles, now it will invade the mobile platform. To those who have played Black Desert game on previous platforms, this guide can also be for you as new things can be discovered. To the newbies? Well, hang on and read the guide religiously as this will help you prevent the mistakes we veterans have made when starting out on the game.

Black Desert Mobile will be available to download on Google Play and App Store.

Black Desert Mobile Complete Guide

Here will be the lists of all guides when playing Black Desert Mobile, which the mobile version, stays true to the previous version. If you heed to these tips, even as a beginner, you will see yourself progress faster than others who just jump into the ship without even getting through the basics.

Do Daily Activities

There are three daily Black Spirit Mode quests you can do daily on top of daily event quests and activities to make quick progress. With this, you can go to Talish’s Shop and browse for rare accessories sold for silver and black pearls.

Build and Upgrade Your Camp Right Away

Never take your camps for granted as you can craft powerful weapons with it. As soon as it is available, build your camp right away. You also need to hire workers as much as you can to collect resources for your camp and must have all workers on the task to avoid wasting time on gathering resources. With resources, you can then upgrade your camp to get more equipment.

The resources you should focus on until your camp is fully-upgraded are:

  • Four types of wood
  • Regular stones

To further help you with upgrading your camps, it is very important that you level up Lifeskills up to level 5 ASAP. Lifeskills include mining, forage, lumber, and fishing (optional). These Lifeskills will help you unlock greater areas for World Gathering.

Worker Stats to Prioritize

Stats are also important to increase efficiency in your workers, so here’s the best stat build for Workers in Black Desert Mobile camps.

  • First, you go with DEX, then VIT and last would be STR.

Always claim stones from the camp refinery

Make sure that you keep claiming resources from your refinery to keep it from becoming full.

How to Level Up Faster

It is easy to level up faster if you are religious in following story quest lines, Black Spirit quests, and other activities. Make sure to invest in those Dark Energy to help you level up faster in the starting phase. Always prioritize finishing your main quests.

The main quests give out beneficial rewards such as:

  • Contribution EXP
  • Rare Stones
  • Black Pearls

Take note that you can get these rewards from your Alts as well.

Use your Stones wisely

Don’t just use stones all the time just because you feel like you need to upgrade your equipment to a maximum right away. Always take note that there is a huge chance that enhancements fail the higher the level upgrade needed, resulting in your equipment resetting to a lower level or worse, gets broken.

Purchase All Crystals from Town NPCs

You can purchase crystals from Town NPCs every hour as this gives you a chance of crafting a gold crystal. Never worry about your in-game money as these crystals are affordable since you get lots of silver as you go on an adventure and level up.

Don’t Spam at World Chat

Not many players know this but chatting at World Chat uses Stamina which can be used instead to upgrade Life skills and Amity quests. Life skills and doing Amity quests are a few important factors in character progression. Only talk at World Chat if it’s too important.

Improve on your pets

Pets are useful companions at Black Desert Mobile when it comes to looting and giving buffs to its owner which are beneficial in leveling up. Never take pets for granted as well.

Bid on the Market

The Market is full of packages which can be bought using real-life money. If you are wise enough, you can purchase Pay-To-Win packages from the market using in-game currencies that can help your camp gather resources more effectively. You can also purchase pets at the Market which can be used to increase the tier of your favorite pet to make it more powerful. If you want to increase your weight capacity, combat plus can also be purchased from the Market.

Join a Guild

Guilds are ways for players to find alliances and socialize. In all aspects of MMORPG, guilds are useful when it comes to getting tips from the experienced guild members, giving you an advantage over others who didn’t receive tips because of liking solo games too much. Some games offer Guild perks which help players on their journey to the max level but let’s see what the future is installed for Black Desert Mobile. For now, joining a guild lets you join Node Wars which offers massive PVP battles.

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