7 Best Synergy Combos in Auto Chess

Best Synergy Combos in Auto Chess mobile can be puzzling, but not hard to build when you know it firsthand on the early stage. Don’t worry; I got you covered.

Best Synergy Combos in Auto Chess Mobile

In this article, we will be showcasing the best synergy combos in Auto Chess mobile used by top tier players themselves, like those in the Queen rank. This is based on data we have gathered on popular synergy combinations used and their percentages of winning. This meta is subject to change depending on new updates. Note that this list of synergies can be different from the Dota 2 Auto Chess version.

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So here’s the list.

1. 6 Feathered and 3 Assassin

Feathered Race
Feathered Race

Feathered Druid and Assassin build are easier to get since most of them are in low tiers. They are very durable because of having Druids, Hunters, Assassins on their race to be able to get those additional synergy buffs. It is the top synergy builds in the competitive rank there is.

Synergy Update: In a recent video by a Youtuber named Claytano supports this build, paired with 3/3 Hunters which includes Tsunami Stalker, Siren, and Wind Ranger for an insane crowd control build. The reason this build is insane is that it doesn’t have many counters. In that video, he says that it’s the ‘New Best Build in Auto Chess’ but we know it already if you’ve read this guide long before.

6 Feathered, 3 Assassin list:

  • Shadowcrawler (Feathered Assassin)
  • Shining Assassin (Feathered Assassin)
  • Warpwood Sage (Feathered Druid)
  • Wisper Seer (Feathered Druid)
  • Lightblade Knight (Feathered Knight)
  • Shining Dragon (Feathered Dragon)

The six feathered tiers can be paired with these Assassins (choose only one):

Assassin Class
Assassin Class
  • Venom (Dragon Assassin) – Single target, DPS poison
  • Lord of Sand (Beast Assassin) – AoE stun on the same chessboard color he is currently standing. Similar moves to Bishop in the real-life chess
  • Soul Breaker (Goblin Assassin) – If you have Goblins on the team, you can choose this guy for more of the HP regen and +Armor buff.
  • Abyssalcrawler (Marine Assassin) – Use this if you have other Marines on the team, but they are mostly rare
  • Phantom Queen (Demon Assassin) – To add AoE into your Tier with Demon buff for more pure damage
  • Water Spirit (Spirit Assassin) – Another AoE to the list. The Spirit race has a chance to stun enemies attacking the Spirit piece.

The Feathered Druids are a must since they can help out with a faster 3-star level upgrade. The buff that gives Two similar Druid pieces an ability to upgrade instead of Three. For starters, you can pair them up with Unicorn for the healing.

If you’re looking for a Tanky/AOE build for Your Feathered, you can pair them with the Knight or Dragon build. The Lightblade Knight, Shining Dragon, and Venom. Spells can easily damage feathered pieces since the Evasion buff only works against Basic Attacks. This race doesn’t have much AoE control needed against stacked up opponents. They can be paired with Knight and Dragon synergies as a secondary build for the AoE damage and tankiness against their weaknesses.

Always grab Strange Egg

If you ever get to encounter the Strange Egg, give space to it on the bench because of its Every Changing ability. Equivalent to the IO in Dota Auto Chess, Strange Egg can complete the remaining pieces on the bench to upgrade new stars. For example, if you have two Lightblade Knights and only need 1 more to combine it to another star, Strange Egg can replace the missing piece.

2. Gods (Divine) Mage Build

God (Divine) Race
Mage Class

The God Mage Synergy Combo is the new thing since it was added in Auto Chess Mobile. Divinity racial buff reduces Hero ability cooldowns by 50%. However, this combo is not easy to build since you must avoid activating any Racial synergy or else the Divinity buff won’t work.

To get this done, you will need a Basic Divine Mage to build as a starter since they will not activate any Race buff. The Divine Mage List consists of the following:

  • Mars (God of War)
  • Zeus (God of Thunder)
  • The Source (You can use Tortola Elder instead-but risk not getting the mana needed to keep all other mages casting their abilities)
  • Desperate Doctor
  • Thunder Spirit
  • Siren

Now that you know the basic combo for the Gods, there are other hero pieces you can add for a more stronger round output.

  • Warpwood Sage (for low CD healing)
  • Shining Dragon (Warpwood and SD are Feathered pieces but you need 3 to activate the racial buff. So using both is safe)
  • Heavy Bomber (insane low CD rockets)
  • You can also add another tank to help God of War from the front lines like Sky Breaker or Ripper for ability spamming

Most powerful Divine Mages build:

  • Mars
  • Zeus
  • The Source
  • Shining Dragon
  • Heavy Bomber
  • Storm Shaman (make sure to put this piece on the front line so it can cast silence first)
  • Tsunami Stalker or Pirate Captain
  • Blight Sorcerer
  • Ripper
  • Shining Assassin or Abyssal crawler

3. 4 Knight and 4 Glacier Synergy

Knight Class
Knight Class
Glacier Race
Glacier Race

This combo is probably one of the toughest but hardest to build in the game. The Knight ability gives you a 30% chance to get a damage-reducing buff on all your Knight pieces. Once you have collected them all and paired with Glacier Race (gives attack speed to all pieces when you have 4/4 Glaciers in the board) due to the Frost Knight, you will become unstoppable due to heals by Argali Knight and another protective shield by Evil Knight.

You don’t have to worry about DPS because of Glacier buff. The area of effect (AoE) damage from Lightblade and Dragon Knight works like a charm too. The Berserker piece also is a good single target DPS with insane attack speed from the buff and its passive ability.

4. 6 Beast and 4 Druid

Beast Race
Beast Race
Druid Class
Druid Class

The 6 Beast, 4 Druid combo is probably one of the most common synergies in the game. Dubbed as a zerg-type synergy because expect too many pieces will be spawned at your place in a few seconds. The Beast ability, which adds damage to allies and summons, gives it a very overwhelming edge over others. The ability of the druids to be upgraded with just two similar pieces together is something you need to look forward to. Aside from the fact that it’s economical, the druid class is among the most common.

5. Goblin Mech

Goblin Race
Goblin Race
Mech Class
Mech Class

The Goblin Mech synergy strategy is the most used out there. It’s easier to build that you can form a whole squad while blindfolding. There are two reasons why this combo is the top used among new players and veterans alike. One, you can quickly obtain 3-star levels on some of the pieces in just a few rounds because most of them are common. Two, they are cheap, so expect to have lots of gold at the end of the game. But if you’re aiming for Devastator and Helicopter pieces, good luck with the re-rolls as these pieces are legendary.

Warlock Class

Another alternative to this race is Goblin/Warlock combo with Venomancer as the entry point.

6. 6 Warrior and 2 Beast

Warrior Class
Warrior Class

This is a class that only has 1 ranged hero piece. They are vulnerable to magic damage but has high utility. The downside is that they attack enemy tanks first before others but in turn, they have a great defense against attacks.

6 Warrior, 2 Beast List:

  • Redaxe Chief (Cave Clan Warrior)
  • Tusk Champion (Beast Warrior)
  • Stone Spirit (Spirit Warrior)
  • Swordsman (Cave Clan Warrior)
  • Abyssal Guard (Marine Warrior)
  • Werewolf (Human-Beast Warrior)
  • Berserker (Glacier Warrior)
  • Pirate Captain (Human Warrior)

Warrior Beast synergy is already complete with the list above because of Werewolf and Tusk Champion. With this build, you will not be experiencing bench and chessboard population issue since you will be focused entirely on seven different Warrior class. If you have more than seven chessboard population, you can add a Healer or Assassin(s) that will take care of the ranged magic pieces.

7. 3 Warrior and 3 Hunter

Hunter Class
Hunter Class

The 3 Warrior, 3 Hunter synergy build is another Warrior combination to the list. However, you only need three, so choose wisely on what works best for you. Since Warriors attack tank or any melee pieces on the front lines, Hunters are ideal for backing them up with killing their targets while they are busy facing your warriors. Hunter buff gives your pieces attack power and attack speed for faster DPS (damage per second).

Hunter Class on the List:

  • Egersis Ranger (Egersis Hunter) – This piece often comes up on selection because it is a tier 1 common piece. It deals a lot of damage as well but is squishy when up against Assassins. So be careful when you are placing this piece and make sure it is protected.
  • Skull Hunter (Cave Clan Hunter) – If you like the active ability that throws axes on a straight line facing him, this one is ideal for you for more AoE damage.
  • Dwarf Sniper (Dwarf Hunter) – Strong ranged piece with a strong active skill that targets enemy pieces on the back that attacks your front liners.
  • Wind Ranger (Feathered Hunter) – A feathered hunter can be good on the list if you like evasion buff. However, you need more feathered pieces to be able to benefit from it, especially the non-feathered ones. Its active skill is also strong that attacks a gushing wind arrow facing its front.
  • Siren (Marine Hunter) – This piece is not common so you might find it a bit hard to upgrade this one. But it will be worth it because her active skill turns enemy pieces facing her into stone, a good crowd control stun for a few seconds.
  • Tsunami Stalker (Marine Hunter) – A legendary piece with an active skill that stuns enemy heroes on the chessboard and tosses them up on the air with powerful water spikes. The active skills do a lot of damage so utilize this hero properly if you’re able to get one. You can place it into the front lines if it’s tanky enough for more mana regeneration and the active skill is used right away to intercept enemy lines.

Here’s more list of Synergy combos:

This list doesn’t need much explaining since they are already mentioned above.

  • 3 Feathered, 6 Hunter (works perfectly with Shining Archer piece)
    • Shining Archer
    • Egersis Ranger
    • Dwarf Sniper
    • Wind Ranger
    • Siren
    • Tsunami Stalker
    • Warpwood Sage
    • Razorclaw
    • Soul Reaper
  • 6 Knight, 3 Dragon
  • 3 Mage, 3 Warrior

Now that you have an idea what to use in the game for a considerable advantage, this is still not enough to win the game. Remember, you have to adapt on the enemy line ups to be able to cope up with losses or maintain winning streaks.

These Best Synergy Combos in Auto Chess Mobile will be updated once new meta comes up in the game. For now, enjoy the current meta.

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