Auto Chess: Most Complete Guide

Auto Chess by Drodo is a huge success on cross-platforms. Know more about its most complete guide here and strive to be the best.

What is Auto Chess?

Auto Chess is a round-based strategy game derived from real-life chess. Originally called Dota Auto Chess, Chinese developer Drodo Studios developed this game as a mod for the Dota 2 Arcade game. It became a massive hit to players on the Arcade. Drodo Studios, in partnership with Dragonest Co. Ltd, made their standalone game separate from Dota 2 playable on PC and Mobile. Auto Chess is available on all platforms, except for consoles. Auto Chess is also considered a new Battle Royale genre since the last man standing wins the game.

  • Release date: January 4, 2019
  • Downloads:
    • Google Play Store: 5,000,000+
    • App Store (Auto Chess: Origin): Unknown
  • Platform: PC, Android, iOS

Rules of the Game

Each game includes eight players that will make their defense against creeps and other players. Players will get random piece choices each round which they can use to line up their chessboard. Like in the game of chess, opposite sides battle against each other.

How is Victory achieved?

All players start with 100% HP. Once defeated, health gets reduced by the number of pieces left on the enemy’s side and the star levels an individual piece has every round. When a chess player reaches 0 HP, he loses and gets kicked out of the game.

The last man standing gets the Victory.

What are battle resources?

Battle resources consist of Golds, Levels, EXPs, and Chess pieces.

About Levels and Experiences

All chess players start at 1 level. After each round, all players gain 1 EXP. Once a player gets enough experience, it levels up which gives a player more room to put another chess piece on the chessboard at the maximum of 10 pieces. The higher the player level gets, the greater the chance he will be able to roll rare pieces up to Legendary.

Experience can be bought with Gold. 4 EXP costs 5 Golds and the max chess player level in the game is 10. The number of pieces you can put in the chessboard to battle depends on your level.

About Golds

Golds are gained automatically after each round. Win and lose streaks give out similar Gold Rewards (3 Golds maximum). Remember, fighting against creeps and bosses will not break or count player streaks. Golds are used to purchase hero pieces, refresh hero store, and buying experience. Hero chess piece cost varies on its rarity.

Gold Interests

You get 10% gold interest based on your current gold every round with 5 as the maximum interest. If you have 50 Golds in your hand at the beginning of the round, you will gain a bonus of 5 gold as interest. Advanced players use this strategy to gain more income overall, thus increasing the chance to level up and get more piece level. This gameplay is called the 50 Gold interest strategy.

Battle Rewards

You gain +1 gold when you defeat your opponents in each round.

Recycling your pieces

Gold is also refunded when you recycle (or sell) your pieces. Make sure to only sell those pieces that you no longer need.

What are Auto Chess pieces?

Winning the game depends on the pieces you choose to dominate other players. Each piece has its Synergy called Race and Class, which stacks up when a different piece with similar synergy exist on the chessboard. Synergy gives buffs that give all pieces in the chessboard an advantage. This selection of special abilities is called Synergy Combinations.

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You can also lock pieces currently shown in the store so it won’t refresh on the next round. Use this if your bench is full and you have to buy time to get that piece you can’t afford on the current round.

What are Rounds in Auto Chess?

Theoretically, there is no limit to the round in Auto Chess as the battle is determined by the last man standing. Most late games only last less than 40 rounds. However, you will face AI Bosses along the way as the rounds progress.

Auto Chess AI Bosses

In every 5th round after round 10, you will face Bosses that gives an item that you can use or combine to enhance your chess pieces. Bosses are stronger as rounds pass by so make sure your line up will be able to keep up.

Here’s the List of Creeps and Bosses in Auto Chess:

  • 1st round: Ent Squad
  • 2nd round: Ent Crusader
  • 3rd round: Ent Archon
  • 10th round: Rock Golem
  • 15th round: Wolf Pack
  • 20th round: Lethal Ursa
  • 25th round: Wild Wing Ripper
  • 30th round: Thunderhide
  • 35th round: Black Dragon King
  • 40th round: Glacier Clan
  • 4th round: Nian Beast
  • 50th round: Roshan

What are the in-game Items?

Items in Auto Chess can also change the balance of battles in the game. Every chess piece has 6 inventory slots dedicated to items. You can equip the items by dragging them from your bag to the chess piece. Remember, equipped items cannot be removed unless combined with another item that is in your bag or the hero wearing the items is recycled (or sold).

Item Combination

You get essential items from killing off creeps and bosses that you can combine into a more powerful item. These items can change everything for a piece, from ability refresh to increased critical damage. Most players take items for granted and found them “less useful” in the game, but they just haven’t seen the value of it in the late game.

Auto Chess Guides That You Need

Now that we’re done with the fundamentals of the Auto Chess game, we will proceed with advanced guides and tips. These guides are all you need when starting or get back to once you still couldn’t get the grasp on how to play the game.

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Auto Chess Mobile is about the Late Game

There is no such thing as early game victory in Auto Chess. A whole intensive battle usually lasts an hour or more. Making bad decisions can help you finish the game early, but you are the first one to go out and get rank downs.

Don’t focus on maintaining a perfect victory

Many newcomers suffer on the early days of playing because players are afraid of losing health that they resort to risks early game and suffer late game. The mechanics of the game discourages perfect victory by allowing players to get bonus gold even though they are on losing streak similar to winning streak.

Because of this, players are focused on switching to ‘powerful’ chess pieces early game instead of upgrading the current chessboard setup. As a result, the economy gets disrupted and you are filled with chess pieces you can’t upgrade or even use on the late game.

Auto Chess is about making a calculated risk

If you want to take risks, make sure it is calculated. Do you have enough gold to recycle chess pieces? Is there enough time before the round starts? Do you have enough space in your bench to fill in the chess piece? Auto Chess mobile is a game for calculated risks, failure to do that results in defeat.

Maintain Good Economy

Spending your gold too much early game on re-rolls is not recommended unless you are risking for an upgrade. At less than 15 rounds, make sure you have 20+ gold extra for you to be able to make choices later on about whether increasing your chessboard population or recycling piece choices to give space to upgrades. Using the Gold interest to your advantage is key. You get +1 Gold interest if you carry 10+ gold, +2 for 20, +3 for 30, +4 for 40, and +5 for 50 unspent gold.

Synergies and Hero Level

Synergies are classes and races in the game which you can group together to gain their respective benefits. Take note that each class and race must not be identical with one another to get the benefits. For example, if you have two Redaxe Chiefs which are both Warriors and Cave Clan heroes, the synergy is still counted as one (1) instead of two (2). But if you have a Redaxe Chief and a Swordsman, two different heroes but the same Warrior Class, you’ll get two points of Synergy. The more different heroes in the same class on deck, the greater the Synergy benefits.

If you have made a decision on your synergy, focus on upgrading hero star level. A 2-star tier 1 chess piece is better than a 1-star legendary piece, so don’t worry if you fail to have those yellow-colored chess pieces you’ve been craving for.

Item Priority and Combination

Items can also play a part in Auto Chess, but also make sure you know which piece deserves the item. For example, if you have a Heaven Bomber, you can give Magicka Crystal item to that piece in order for it to regenerate Mana faster for the active skill which deals heavy magic damage to opponents. Later on, once you keep on winning against creeps and bosses, you will be able to harvest tier 2 items which you can combine with base items for more optimal power.

Peek on your opponent builds and formulate counters

The scoreboard is there for a reason, with this you can peek on your opponent builds and also click their names to see their chess piece formation. It is also essential to know their synergy to counter it later on. You also need an advanced understanding of the game to formulate counters or keep your current ones out of confidence. If you have a full 3-star chess piece, you don’t have to worry that much on enemy 1-star legendary pieces, so no pressure.

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