Auto Chess Tips You Might Have Missed

Loading Screen Tips in Auto Chess are sometimes missed, but they offer valuable information about the game that could help you improve as a player and your quality of life.

Auto Chess Loading Screen Tips

Each time you find a match, you are taken into the same Auto Chess loading screen that gives you tips on the top portion. However, many players take this for granted. In my experience, this has helped me unlock some things I didn’t know upon playing the game for months now. Reading the tips helped improve my gameplay overall.

So here are the loading screen tips (I have added a few of my own) in Auto Chess you might have missed:

  1. Clicking on the left avatar could check on player’s chessboard
  2. Locking pieces store will reopen automatically after previous round ends
  3. You can use candies to draw random items from the store on the main menu
  4. Keep playing. Keep good feelings!
  5. Tapping the icon at the upper right to check the battle history
  6. Petrified units take bonus physical damage
  7. You cannot remove equipped items unless it can be upgraded and be put in the bag
  8. Winning streaks will bring you extra golds as rewards
  9. A piece will cast its ability when its mana pool is full
  10. Pressing on your Current Golds will check your expected income in the next round
  11. You will get golds and items back to your bag after you sell your pieces
  12. Gain more MMR points by defeating higher-ranked players
  13. Each level of the same synergy stacks
  14. You can make your avatar move by going to the Options > Battle > Move Chess Player
  15. Double-clicking any empty pieces on the board can amplify the chessboard
  16. Your chess players inflates little by little during winning streaks
  17. Defeating an enemy on your own turf will give gold as a reward
  18. You can check on details by swiping the leaderboard to the right in game
  19. Item combined or put on in battle will only take effect on the next round
  20. You will get gold interest 10% of your corrent gold (max 5) at the beginning of every round
  21. Turn on and off live comments on the Settings
  22. Pure damage ignore enemy’s magical and physical resistance
  23. Losing streaks will bring you extra gold as compensation
  24. Choosing different drafts may give you an edge against other players

You may have known some tips written in this article by playing the game religiously. But I bet that there are new things you have learned so far upon reading all the tips being provided. More tips coming as we explore the game further.

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