Auto Chess Synergy Combo Counters

Synergy combo counters (or anti) in Auto Chess mobile is not that easy to formulate. Since the game was released for over a month now, any information from other players regarding synergy pros and cons is used for every game advantage.

Auto Chess Synergy Counters

People have been asking for combo counters as they find it difficult at times due to lack of in-game knowledge. This game is complex and is updated once a week so expect changes. Without further ado, here are the counters for famous Synergy combos in Auto Chess Mobile.

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How do you counter a Glacier Knights Synergy?

Glacier Knight Synergy Counters
The most-used Glacier Knights combo. Image from Knightly App.

Glacier Knights is a powerful combo both early and late game despite only having 9 pieces. Most players agree that this is the strongest line up in the mobile version right now. Thanks to their protective ability plus attack speed from the Glacier buff, they dominate most of the synergy combinations out there. However, Glacier Knights have weaker damage output compared to others.

To counter them, we need another stronger combo that can keep up with their tankiness. So here’s the list:

1. The Warrior Glacier Druid Combo

Warrior Build
The complete Glacier Knights counter

Warriors can keep up with Knight tankiness due to their armor buff. The Cave Clan bonus gives additional HP to some pieces, so it’s a good plus. Poisonous Worm is the best piece to be added to this line up since we need the Warlock buff to give it lifesteal to our pieces for more durability output. Front line Knights will be useless once you silence them that is why Human Warriors should be part of the team. The Druid Buff gives additional damage to Tusk Champion, wolves, and worms.

2. Anything with Dark Spirit

Dark Spirit and mages
Dark Spirit with Hunters and Mages

Dark Spirit is the bane of Knights in the game. The reason for this is its ability damages opponents by 4% of their max HP for a 1-star Dark Spirit. To give spaces to Hunters and Mages in the background, two Warriors can be placed on the front lines, Redaxe Chief (for Storm Shaman stacked buff), and Pirate Captain (AoE stun). A Defector and a Storm Shaman ensure that the opponent is reduced to 1 piece at the start of the round, which is crucial in the early seconds of fighting. Blight Sorcerer reduces enemy attack speed, at least, you get to counter the attack speed and it has huge bouncing damage.

To be honest, any build works as long as you have Dark Spirit, but since this is a top-tier hero, you can go with Mages and Hunters with Warriors as front-liners.

Other counters:

  • Divine Mage

Counters against Divine Gods Synergy

Divine Gods Synergy Counters
The top tier Divine Mage combo. Lord of Sands can be replaced by Defector for a crowd control starting. I like Lord of Sands more because of straight stun every 2 seconds.

Ever since Gods came to Auto Chess Mobile, the balance of all things in the game has changed. With a new variety, people are now getting more options to dominate matches. A God hero has a buff called Divinity, which reduces ability cooldowns by 50% as long as the players activate no other Racial buff. The Class that benefited the Divinity buff are Mages and this combo has flooded Auto Chess since its debut.

Based on my experience in using Gods more often (yes, I am guilty), I have found out how this tactic can be countered.

1. A Fellow Divine Combo

As the saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” Yes, you read it right. To counter the Gods in Auto Chess is to build a similar one. Gods, along with mages, will not work when silenced so Storm Shaman should be on the list. The battle between Gods is determined by correct positioning. I advised placing Storm Shaman on the front lines with God of War Mars so that it gets mana from being damaged, thus, activating the broad area of silence called Static Storm.

2. Hunters, Mages, and a Storm Shaman

Anything with Storm Shaman works against the Divine build as long as you can reduce a significant number of pieces on the opponents while they are silenced or face else wrath from Zeus.

Other counters:

  • Human Race Synergy (due to chances on getting silenced when being attacked)
  • Feathered Assassins
  • Three-Dragon Knights

Counters against Goblin Mech Synergy

Goblin Mech Synergy Counters
Goblin Mech with Warlock to sync with Venomancer

You often find Goblin Mechs at the first 20 rounds because they are not that rare. There’s a 60% chance that you’ll end up with either a Goblin or a Mech at the first round that is why people go on with it. Using this synergy is economy wise that can help players manage the benches for the build. But in the late game, people find them weak against others if Warlocks are not added to the team. Venomancer’s damage output is thin, but it can help with taunting opponent pieces. If you managed to get other essential Warlocks to your line up, your chances of getting the victory go higher.

Despite that, Goblin Mechs are annoying because the strategy is about reducing enemy player health to a minimum at early rounds. So here are ways to counter it.

1. Glacier Knights

Even the Heavy Bomber cannot compete with Knight’s protective shields. Goblin Mechs are also weak against opponents with crowd control skills (silence and stuns) that is why Glacier can beat this combo any time.

2. Beast Druids

Heavy Bomber missiles will not work against Poisonous Worm spawns because they are immune to magic damage. Most of the time, missiles will hit the worms and players find it annoying that is why this will work against Goblins and Mechs overall. Think of worms as missile flares that misdirect incoming hostiles.

Other counters:

  • Divine Mage

Counters against Beast Druid Synergy

Beast Druid Synergy Counters
The Beast and Druid tandem is strong with 8.

Beast Druids are easier to manage and faster to build because only Razorclaw is the rarest in this lineup. You get faster 3-star pieces early on that beats most of the opponent pieces to dust. Some may not advise Unicorn, but this fellow helps with the Druid 4/4 stacking, and she’s a good starting defense.

The zerglings of Auto Chess mobile, Beast Druids is inevitable once full-stacked but can be countered.

1. Glacier Knights

Nothing is more painful to Druids than being immovable by Glacier Knights.

2. Mages and Hunters

Mages and Hunters work well against Beast Druids to kill off spawns effectively. Just make sure to have at least 1 or 2 tanks to give them time to charge those skills.

Other counters:

  • Divine Mage

Full Warrior Synergy Counters

The Warrior Class is 10 in total

A full Warrior build is straightforward. The advantage of this is you get more economic management. Warrior pieces are not hard to find since you have an estimated 60% chance to have one every round.

Let’s procees with countering a Full Warrior build.

1. Mages

Warriors may be tough, but they are nothing against mages. The class buff for Warriors only gives bonus armor to physical damage. Moreover, Warriors are like pawns in the game of real-life chess because they only move forward (no back jumps or whatsoever). Warriors are only programmed to attack front-liners so you can have 4 tanks at the front and a full 6 Mage build behind.

2. Hunters

Even in other games of different genre, Hunters are the enemies of Warriors. Like Mages, Hunters spread their arrows from behind to attack Warriors being taunted by your tanks

Other counters:

  • Divine Mage
  • Beast Druid

Counters against Full Hunter Synergy

Full Hunter Synergy Counter
There are only 6 hunters in the game. You can add tanks that will stack up with their Racial traits to help with the front lines.

A full Hunter build is not that mainstream, but it’s among the powerful in the game. A full Hunter can only be 6/6 with tanks of your choosing on the front lines (Tanks with crowd control is recommended, ex. Pirate Captain). If you fail to reach Hunters or even kill the tanks within 8 seconds, expect your pieces to be bombarded by Hunter abilities which you are less likely to escape.

To counter Hunters, you will need the following.

1. Assassins

Assassins are a great counter for Hunters since they jump to opponents from behind. This way, Hunters are interrupted by Assassins. Hunters have less tolerance to both physical and magical damage due to their range capabilities so expect that Assassin critical strikes will tear them to bits.

2. Mages

Hunters are weak against Mages. Once Mages are capable of launching their abilities, Hunters have no way of escaping the inevitable death. Hunters don’t move that much so ability casting by Mages (mostly damages enemies on a straight path) will surely hit to where they are.

More will be added to this list of Auto Chess Synergy Counters, for now, enjoy countering the new meta.

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