Best City Building Games on PC

City Building games are a simulation on how to create and manage cities or a whole Kingdom using real-life strategies. City builder simulation games are also good ways to kill time and relieve stress. Here we give you the best city building games on PC that you can play.

List of Best City Building Games

The list of Best City Building games here is not ranked from best to worse. We will give you all the best games out there with no bias. Collecting these games is essential to help you be the best at managing cities or kingdoms which you could probably use in real life.

Sid Meier’s Civilization Franchise

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Trailer

Sid Meier’s Civilization games are one of the best city-building strategy games out there. You will build multiple cities on archipelagos with real-life leaders representing their state or country. DLCs offer you massive content and more world leaders to choose from. What’s unique about this game is its a city-building 4x turn-based strategy game where you master the art of diplomacy, war, and economy while having subtle attempts to take over your ally’s territories. If you want to engage in Multiplayer games with other players, the best CIV franchise is CIV 5 and CIV 6 with Gathering Storm DLC.

Age of Empires

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition Trailer

Age of Empires is a classic favorite still being played by many players to this day. It’s a city-building strategy game that lets you take over opponent cities by going to war and lay siege against them while building your own and gathering resources. Age of Empires is frequently on sale so if you want to save on the classic, make sure to add them on your bucket list of games to purchase on sale events. The best Age of Empires series to date, according to user reviews, is Age of Empires II and Age of Empires III that is also available on Definitive Edition.


Islanders game Launch Trailer

The Islanders game is unique to most city-building games out there. It is a puzzle-based city-building strategy game where you move from one Island to the next once you reach certain points. Careful planning on where an establishment or city center must be put is crucial as they give bonus points on where they are located, increasing your chance of getting the target points to proceed to another larger Island as the game progresses. This game is proven to be a relaxing game due to its aesthetics and background music that is pleasant to the ears.

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is more of a realistic city-building approach that showcases modern cities and infrastructure. You will rule as a city leader that manages all that is in your city. You have all the tools needed to build houses, commercial zones, district zones, power and water utilities, hospitalization, sewages, taxes, laws, and all there is to cover. With the right strategy and economic managing skills, you will be awarded as the best mayor which in turn makes your citizens happy.


Northgard Official Trailer

Northgard is not your typical City Builder game. It is set on a Viking Era where you purchase a portion of lands to access its resources and build infrastructure there. Northgard is a real-time strategy (RTS) city builder game that you’ll surely enjoy with cute and eye-pleasing game aesthetics. Aside from battling against players or AI on territories, you will be met with ferocious opponents from nature which you will need to clear out before settling in an area.


Frostpunk Game Launch Trailer

Frostpunk is a unique city builder game that claims to be the first society survival game. In an era where everything is frozen, people use steam-powered technology in order to get heat which is a crucial resource for your cities. In there, you manage your cities to ensure survival in a cruel world. You are responsible for making laws, make technologies, explore the frozen land, and weigh up choices for survival. There are real-life scenarios out there like declaring Martial Law and other administrative choices you make, be it bad or good, just to ensure the survival of your citizens. Playing FrostPunk is endless.

Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars Trailer

Surviving Mars, unlike other City Builder games, is out of this world, obviously. You embark on a journey to populate Mars with the resources you have from the ship. On Mars, you will build covered zones so oxygen circulation is exclusive. When it comes to food, you will have people who manage in growing GMO foods fit for Mars to feed the citizens. Managing what’s inside the domes is not just the problem, but you will be met with natural catastrophes like Asteroids and other extreme calamities not known to most men. So if you want an out-of-this-world City building scenario, Surviving Mars is your game.

Another Mars City Builder game out there that you might be interested in is Planetbase. Same planet and almost identical gameplay.


Banished has been here a long time but this game is one of the best city builders out there. To start, you go off with an exiled medieval travelers to find a new place to live in. There you will be gathering resources that are available, primarily food, wood, stone, iron, and cool. With resources available at your disposal, you will build houses, storage facilities, hospitals, schools, and other essential establishments to maintain order and increase in population. What makes this game challenging is its uncertainty, you get random diseases from time to time that will infect most of your population if you fail to get hospitals in the right place. Seasons also make this game challenging as it determines the production of food and clothing for your people. Be warned that you cannot leave this game in idle thinking everything will be in a straight line production because once you do so, you might be shocked by why most of your people died. Maybe you haven’t built hospitals in every area, or you don’t have enough crops, fishermen, or farmers, or could be that you lack the tools to get wood and no one is building firewood and making clothes for winter. It’s an endless scenario.

Dawn of Man

Dawn of Man Game Trailer

Dawn of Man is the latest addition to city builder strategy games. It’s set on ancient human times starting from the Stone Age and progresses until the Iron Age. Meanwhile, you will be able to manage your citizens on hunting, growing crops, creating a religion, and war defenses against those who will be a threat to your society while surviving through the ages. In managing your society, you will earn points that you can use to proceed to the next Era. This game is getting updates every month on new stuff and probably new Eras as well to cover the whole evolution timespan of Humans. A great simulation of the ancient past on how’s life been with our Ancestors.

More City Builder games will be added to this list as we discover more games out there. Sure there are lots of games in this genre but we will only be adding the best based on user reviews and gameplays we were able to try for ourselves. All games here can be downloaded on Steam, so check them out.

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